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The solution in the application process of ADSS optical cable

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Overview of ADSS cable

When installing ADSS optical cables, it is necessary to comprehensively consider a variety of factors, including sag, distance and external environmental conditions, etc., and clarify the amount of optical cables and erection methods. The mechanical strength of ADSS optical cable is fully tested to ensure that it has good performance. In overhead power lines, ADSS optical cables are widely used, which can meet the requirements of tower erection, have good economics, and can reduce the construction cost of power projects. Layer-stranded ADSS optical cables are widely used, and are usually suitable for lines below 220kV. The line bearing capacity and suspension lines are relatively fixed, which can avoid a greater impact on the optical cable.


Solutions to ADSS cable application problems

1. Reasonable selection of optical cable hanging points to prevent electrical corrosion can reduce the probability of electrical corrosion and enhance the operation quality of the power communication network. The circuit should be planned scientifically, and the distribution characteristics and intensity of the induced electric field should be comprehensively obtained and evaluated, so as to ensure the scientificity and feasibility of the hanging point position and reduce the impact on the ADSS optical cable. It can be processed by means of the discharge halo, so that the phenomenon of tip discharge can be effectively controlled. The value of the corona inception voltage is significantly improved, so the occurrence of corona discharge can be controlled . In practical work, a targeted analysis should be carried out on the galvanic corrosion problems caused by different factors to clarify the specific impact characteristics, so as to take effective preventive and control measures.  


2. Reasonable selection of optical cables The rational selection of ADSS optical cables can also improve the reliability of optical cables and reduce the failure rate of lines. All kinds of influencing factors of ADSS optical cable should be comprehensively considered, simulated and calculated with the help of advanced computer software, and the influence degree of parameters such as mechanical properties, dynamic factors and weather factors should be taken into account to ensure that the on-site erection can be formulated and feasible. plan. Improve communication with relevant manufacturers, implement comprehensive control over the performance of optical cables, and prevent more problems in application. The tracking-resistant PE outer sheath material is widely used in practice, which can effectively improve the tracking resistance of the optical cable and prolong the service life of the optical cable. 

3. Strengthening construction control During the construction process, the erection quality of ADSS optical cables should be controlled, the erection layout of the lines should be clarified, and the surrounding trees, buildings and pipelines should be surveyed in advance to reduce the influence of external factors on the operation of ADSS optical cables and prevent The ADSS optical cable fails due to the installation environment. During the construction, the protection of ADSS optical cable should be done well, especially the surface layer should be cleaned in time to prevent serious failure caused by pollution. Strengthen comprehensive supervision at the construction site to ensure that relevant technical standards and specifications are strictly followed during installation to prevent malfunctions caused by improper operation. 


4. Do a good job in operation and maintenance. In the operation of ADSS optical cable, a complete maintenance plan should be formulated, and a comprehensive investigation and control of hidden problems should be carried out to promote the extension of service life. According to the actual operation requirements of the power line, a reasonable operation and maintenance plan is formulated to ensure that the performance and safety of the optical cable meet the requirements . The maintenance process should be reasonably optimized, and a sound system should be established to prevent formalized problems in maintenance, operation and maintenance. Carry out inspections with the help of special maintenance tools, especially after bad weather, should increase maintenance efforts to prevent serious damage under the influence of external environmental factors.


ADSS optical cable has obvious advantages in performance, so it has become a common optical cable type in current power communication systems, which can ensure good transmission quality. However, due to the influence of electrical corrosion, mechanical property damage, dynamic changes and environmental factors in ADSS optical cable applications, the stability and security of the communication network are also degraded. To this end, the application level of ADSS optical cables should be gradually improved by means of preventing electrical corrosion, rationally selecting optical cables, strengthening construction control, and doing well in operation and maintenance, so that their performance can be fully optimized.

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