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The basic structure and material use of network distribution frame

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The core member of integrated wiring-network distribution frame. It is one of the important uses. It provides the most powerful support for the follow-up "make the wiring more standard". It is an important standard that can make the network cable clean, centralized management, and distribution adjustment! It is difficult to find a comprehensive introduction to the use of network distribution frames. Today, Xiaoman will introduce in detail the basic structure of network distribution frames and what kind of materials are used.

At present, network distribution frames have developed integrated network distribution frames, modular network distribution frames, corner network distribution frames, electronic intelligent network distribution frames and other products. Various types of patch panels can be divided into Category 5, Category 6, and Category 6 network patch panels according to the transmission performance. Category 7 network patch panels are also available, but they need to be customized.

Currently, most of the network patch panels on the market are 12-port 24-port 48-port patch panels, and the colors are mostly black and gray. The length of 24 ports and 48 ports is mostly 19 inches, and the height is 1U (about 44.5).

The front-end structure of the network patch panel mainly includes: RJ45 jacks and identification area. The marking area is composed of paper display strips and PE plastic partitions. Inman's RJ45 interface is used for dust-proof doors, which are made of new flame-retardant PC materials. The RJ45 interface is used to insert the network jumper.


Generally speaking, in order to keep the ferrule durable, network distribution frame manufacturers will choose to use gold-plated wire to prevent dust and oxidation.

The skeleton of the network distribution frame, if there is no special case, generally adopts cold-rolled steel plate, mainly because the rolled steel has good mechanical resistance and can withstand various extrusions and impacts. It is not easy to deform, and the cold-rolled steel plate is not easy to rust, which can meet the needs of the network distribution frame for at least 15 years.

Next, the rear end of the network patch panel is the IDC wiring post and the back cover. If the back cover is used, it is generally ABS plastic. The cover is pasted with TIA 568A/B wiring sequence and the color code of the core. The shell of IDC wire rod is made of PC plastic. PC plastic is also called polycarbonate plastic. It is a kind of plastic with very good elasticity and impact resistance, which can quickly return to its after being squeezed and deformed. Therefore, the IDC wire-bonding column using PC plastic will not only not be damaged after being impacted by the wire-bonding tool, but it can also quickly return to the original position and clamp the cable so that the cable does not fall off.


The core circuit boards inside the network distribution frame are generally designed differently depending on the manufacturer and brand.

The rear-mounted cable management frame of the network distribution frame is generally bound by rolled tape, but when the Inman distribution frame is used, the cable buckle can be customized to tie the cable, which is convenient to tie the cable and facilitate the management of the network cable!

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