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Structure of Fiber Optic Connectors

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Simply put, a fiber optic connector is hardware that terminates the end of a fiber optic cable to provide attachment to a transmitter, receiver or other cable and allow for re-mateable connections. Whether you are installing a brand new fibre optic network, adding a connection or repairing a legacy system, using this fiber connectors guide will help you identify which fiber connector types you need.



Structure of Fiber Optic Connectors


Optical fiber to fiber optic interconnection can be made by a joint, a permanent connection, or a connector, and is different from the plug in it can be to disconnect and reconnect. Fiber optic connector types are as various as the applications for which they were developed. Different connector types have different characteristics, different advantages and disadvantages, and different performance parameters. But all connectors have the same four basic components.


Ferrule: The fiber is installed in a long, thin cylinder, the ferrule, which act as a fiber alignment mechanism. The ferrule is bored through the center at a diameter that is slightly larger than the diameter of the fiber cladding. The end of the fiber is located at the end of the ferrule. Ferrules are typically made of metal or ceramic, but they may also be constructed of plastic.


Connector Body: Also known as the connector housing, the body holds the ferrule. It is usually constructed of metal or plastic and includes one or more assembled pieces which hold the fiber in place. The details of these connector body assemblies vary among connectors, but the welding and/or crimping is commonly used to attach strength members and cable jackets to the connector body. The ferrule extends past the connector body to slip into the couping device.


Cable: The cable is attached to the fiber optic fast connector body. It acts as the point of entry for the fiber. Often, a strain relief boot is added over the junction between the cable and the connector body, providing extra stength to the junction.


Coupling Device: Most fiber optic connectors do not use the male-female configuration common to electronic connectors. Instead, a coupling device such as an alignment sleeve is used to mate the connectors. Similar devices may be installed in fiber optic transmitters and receivers to allow these devices to be mated via a connector. These devices are also known as feed-through bulkhead adapters.


The common types of Fiber Optic Connector


According to different transmission media, fiber optic connectors can be divided into single-mode and multi-mode fiber connectors. According to different structures, fiber optic connectors can be divided into various types such as ST, SC, FC, LC, MT-RJ, MPO/MTP, MU, DIN, E2000, SMA, BICONIC, D4, etc. On the surface of the connector, they can be divided into PC, UPC and APC. According to the number of fiber cores, fiber optic connectors can be divided into single-core and multi-core fiber connectors.


ST Connector


ST connectors were one of the first connector types widely implemented in fibre optic networking applications. Originally developed by AT&T, ST stands for ‘Straight Tip’ connector.


The ST connector utilises a 2.5mm ferrule with a round plastic or metal body. The connector stays in place with the help of a “twist-on/twist-off” bayonet-style lock mechanism.


LC Connector


LC type connector is a famous BELL developed by the institute of research, using convenient operation modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism is made. The pin and the size of the sleeve is adopted by the general SC, FC, half size is 1.25 mm. It can improve the density of optical fiber connector in the optical fiber distribution frame. Otherwise, it's a standard ceramic ferrule connector, easily terminated with any adhesive. LC connector features with good performance and is highly favored for single mode.


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