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Stream video from phones to your TV

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Modern mobile phones are a pocket electronic product, more powerful than machines used to send astronauts to the moon. These small computers have many other functions and are very suitable for streaming music, movies and TV programs. But sometimes you want these streaming services on a large screen. So how you can go about doing that will depend on the type of the phone you have.



1. Android


Any TV in the past decade may have HDMI ports to connect to a phone. Most phones there have Micro USB ports that can be used with Micro USB to HDMI fiber optic adaptors. In short, this adapter will use the Micro USB port and change it to the HDMI port. If there is no spare cable around you, you also need to use a normal HDMI fc to sc patch cord.


Micro USB to HDMI adapters are usually suitable for MHL (Mobile HD Links), MHL are specific types of HDMI specifically designed for smartphones, tablets and similar devices. To make the MHL st to lc adapter work properly, your device must be MHL compatible.


Newer phones may not have Micro USB ports. Instead, an updated version of the USB-C begins to implement and use other adapters on the latest Android phone. They work the same way as Micro USB lc duplex adapters. The size and shape of the USB-C are slightly different from the Micro USB.


If you have an old TV without HDMI, it is probably sporting RCA ports. Connecting a smart phone to a TV is difficult, but not impossible. For beginners, you will need one of the above two converters. Then you will need a converter HDMI to RCA. RCA quiktron fiber patch cables will be connected to the TV via a RCA converter to complete the setup.


45-2-bare fibre adapter

2. iPhone


iPhone use Lightning connector instead of Micro USB or USB-C.  Connect the apc to upc adapter to your iPhone, insert the adapter or data line into the connector or lightning connector depending on the phone’s type you use. When you use a VGA adapter, connect one end of the VGA data line to the lc quad adapter and fix it with a side screw, and the VGA adapter can only be inserted in one direction. Lightning connections work essentially the same way, but are Apple proprietary. Because of those proprietary rights, users will need official fiber optic connector adapters made by Apple. Third-party companies are usually not allowed to treat this adapter equivalent, buying directly from the source may be your only option.



3. Wireless


Most televisions on the market today are smart televisions with built-in Bluetooth. This can make wireless connection TV an obvious solution for streaming on large screens. However, wireless connections are rarely as good as hard wires. It's not that it does not work, but you're more likely to get unstable video quality while watching the video, or have to wait for a film or program buffer. If the TV you own has no Bluetooth connection, you can use the upc to apc adapter to add it. Some Bluetooth adapters are only audio adapters, not audio or video adapters, so if you choose to use the route, check the specifications before selecting a bare fibre adapter.

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