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Plastic pallet and wooden pallet which one will be better?

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Plastic pallet is a common logistics equipment, mainly used for storage, loading, turnover products.  When you come into contact with a product you need to use, it is essential to know the basics of how to use it in advance.  

A, the default color of plastic tray is blue, of course, other colors can be customized according to the need, such as: white, black, green, red and so on.  

B. Standard parameters of plastic trays: weight error ±5%, size error ±3%, tray plane deformation ≤5mm, side wall deformation rate ≤1%, tray diagonal change rate ≤1%.  

C, the suitable temperature of plastic tray is between -40℃ and +60℃.  

D. If the plastic tray is damaged under normal use, the customer can enjoy the warranty replacement service;  In a short period of time, the tray can be replaced with a new one if it is damaged and cannot be used.  Artificial damage is excluded.  

Why plastic tray manufacturers plastic tray deformation, what are the reasons for the deformation of plastic tray, to sum up, it is not related to the quality of the tray and the use of two aspects, let's look at the reasons and solutions.An important sign of modern development is the application level of tray.  The total amount of pallet in a country or region is an important indicator to measure the modernization of logistics in this country or region.  Guangzhou pallet leasing as a carrier of unitary logistics.  It has been widely used in storage, transportation and other industries.  From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, trays of other materials appeared, such as metal, plastic and even pulp molding trays and so on.  Today pallet rental company tells the difference between wooden pallet and plastic pallet in use.


Although guangzhou plastic tray can be cleaned and reused, but its carrying capacity is worse than wooden tray, the capacity is not more than 800kg.  In addition, the raw material cost is greatly affected by the price of crude oil, and the cost is high and the price fluctuates greatly.  The structure and size of plastic tray are poor, so the manufacturers need to improve it constantly.  And for special size requirements, sometimes can not meet.  Because the plastic tray is basically a one-time molding, its repairability is very low after damage. After a certain degree of damage, it can only be discarded, but the waste can be recycled.  The one-time investment in procurement is large, generally 2-5 times that of wooden pallets.  


Wooden pallet has become more and more popular, the use of different wood tray can directly affect the price of wooden pallets, if the price is much higher than cypress pine tray tray, but overall, the wooden pallet prices are relatively low, at the same time the specifications of the wooden pallets size can customize freely according to different customer demand, can better meet the different needs of customers.  


The tray is now the most widely used tray.  Pallet is used for assembling, stacking, handling and transportation placed as a unit load of goods and products of the horizontal platform device, although it looks like the structure of the wooden pallet is relatively simple, but it is fixed with some screws, therefore, is very strong, quality is fully guaranteed.  If your enterprise wooden pallet advantages of the main role of the pallet, one is to use the column support weight, stacked to high;  Second, it can prevent the goods placed on the pallet from collapsing in the process of transportation and loading and unloading.  

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