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PP plastic or ABS plastic, which will you choose

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1. ABS plastic and PP plastic, which is good?

Preconditions must be set first.  ABS plastic added flame retardant ABS plastic, weather resistant ABS plastic, etc.  PP plastic contains PP reinforced plastic, modified PP plastic, etc.  If it is common ABS plastic and PP plastic materials, ABS plastic and PP plastic are olefin products, ABS plastic is superior to PP plastic in the comprehensive energy field.  From the price point of view, the price of ABS plastic a ton than PP plastic thousands of expensive.  

2. ABS plastic is acrylic styrene styrene aluminum alloy goods, PP plastic is polystyrene.  In other words, ABS plastic itself has the characteristics of PP plastic, but compared with PP plastic, many other characteristics.  Abs plastic is superior to PP plastic in the field of toughness, slightly higher than PP plastic in the field of temperature resistance, and also superior to PP plastic in the field of gloss.  In general, the characteristics of ABS plastics are better than PP plastics.  Goods made of PP plastic can usually be made of ABS plastic, but goods made of ABS plastic may not be made of PP plastic.


Next, machining technology.  The most common processing technology for plastic parts is injection molding.  In the structural design of home appliances, the most important technology to understand is injection molding.  The so-called injection simply means that the plastic is heated to melt and form a liquid, which is injected into a metal cavity. After cooling, plastic parts with the same shape as the cavity can be removed.  The specific content of this aspect needs to see the relevant information of injection mold.  Generally speaking, there are three points of knowledge:  

First, to dissolve plastic, it is necessary to understand the physical properties of plastic.  

Second, into the metal mold cavity for forming, need to understand the characteristics of plastic forming;  

Third, take out plastic parts from the mold cavity need to understand the metal mold cavity, that is, the common sense of the mold.  The most relevant aspect of product structure design is removal. To remove plastic parts from the metal cavity, the metal cavity must be completely split in two and opened.  Therefore, the most basic mold is the two plate.  Moreover, if the shape of the cooled plastic part is stuck in the metal cavity, the plastic part will not be removed, so the Angle between the shape of the plastic part and the separation surface should not be more than 90 degrees.  Otherwise, it will bite back.  The cooled plastic parts are like inverted bowls, big at the bottom and small at the top, wrapped in holes in the mold and unable to be removed.  

There are two main types of plastic bags used to carry commercially available food.  

One is common in small supermarkets, eateries and stalls, where thin, almost transparent white plastic bags are used.  

Another common in large supermarkets and restaurants, vegetables, fruits, cooked food and other food bags are very thick.  

However, food grade plastic by color, thickness, hardness, strength and other characteristics can not be accurately distinguished, some PP used for food containers, a heated will emit a strong odor.  The best way to be sure is to look carefully at the display.  Not only are words such as "for food contact" and "for food packaging" marked, but also the name of the manufacturer, contact information, and plastic material.  Bags without any information are probably not food grade, such bags are a food safety risk and cannot hold food.  It is harmful to human body because it may contain residual microorganisms that exceed national standards, or additives that are not allowed to be used in national standards may be added in processing.  If you're worried about the seller's plastic bags, it's safe and environmentally friendly to shop in food-grade bags or polypropylene (PP) crisper containers.  

These particles are often referred to as ABS, PP, PE, PA, pet, depending on their materials.  A lot of people say they've seen plastic like rice, but it's filled with rice, not processed with plastic.  About eating plastic rice, no.  First, plastic turns into rice, so we have the heart, but we don't have the force.  All kinds of plastic materials can be made into all kinds of plastic particles, PP and PE plastic bags commonly used in life can be made into PP and PE plastic particles, all kinds of horrible plastic rice video used to scare people who do not know the truth.  

Second, to turn plastic into rice, sometimes there is no money.  Plastic, which costs more on average than rice, pretends not to be good for rice.  In the Online declaration of African countries, plastic particles become rice, also because rice is easy to enter, plastic is hard to find.  The plastic exported to which country is renamed by customs.  Even when it gets through customs, the plastic is plastic.  This African man has never eaten expensive plastic rice.  To sum up, it is necessary to guard against rice posing as plastic.  As mentioned above, fake rice made of fake cabbage, fake laver and universal plastic is as bitter as rats eating plastic rice and Africans eating plastic rice.  

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