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ONU‘s light signal has been flashing red, how to do?

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1. The optical port is low or there is no light, resulting in the abnormal operation of the user's optical transceiver. At this time, the signal lamp cannot receive optical signals from the optical cable or the power of optical signal transmission is too low, resulting in the abnormal handshake between the optical transceiver and the equipment room.

2.Optical cable fault (including spectrometer is broken), will also cause ONU or light is too low, the signal light will blink or red alarm.

3 Light damage to the ONU's own light receiver can also cause this phenomenon.

4 The server is faulty. If the server is being maintained, the red indicator is displayed.In either case, there is little users can do about it other than call to report the problem.


How do I get the password of a Telecom Lite superuser

Step 1: Connect the computer to the cable and make sure it can surf the Internet properly

Step 2: open the Internet browser (such as Google), in the address bar input may be some ONU is not this login address, details please refer to your ONU back label)

Step 3: Enter the user name and password you want to log in. If you have not changed your password, log in according to the user name and password marked on the back of ONU. If you have changed your password, log in using your changed password.Please pay attention to the operation of reset ONU, it is likely that you can not get online after reset, can not watch TV, then, you can only call the local telecom company for help.


Step 4 :(this must be the operation after login) enter the address in the address bar to enter the page, you will see the backup light cat button and upload button (if you do not see these two buttons, your light cat does not apply to step 4, please refer to step 4 for another method), click backup data under light cat backup data directly to the computer desk, open it with notepad, search ctPassword value behind similar [dGVsZWFGWFkbWlueCD3Mjg5OFE=] is our super password change, then it will be easy to get the super user password, login to the login website, user name is Telecomadmin

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