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Little Modular Plug is a great learning

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What is Modular Plug?

Everyone is familiar with the modular plug. The modular plug is mainly used as the connecting head of the copper cable wiring system. It is a standardized connector. It firstly appeared in the procurement of the Bell communication system in the United States. In the 1970s, it began to be used to provide computer-aided telephone equipment authorized by the FCC, and was later accepted by the FCC and incorporated into federal laws. Its official name should be Registered jack. The modular plugs we use now are all standardized connectors. Its structural size and specifications have corresponding standards, which is IEC 60603-7. This standard was firstly developed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

What are the common modular plugs at present?

The common modular plugs on the market can be divided into telephone modular plugs and network modular plugs according to their functions. According to the structure and specifications of the product, they can be divided into 8P8C modular plugs (RJ45), 6P4C modular plugs (RJ11), 4P4C/4P2C modular plugs (RJ12). According to shielding, it is divided into unshielded modular plug and shielded modular plug. According to the number of kits, it can be divided into one-piece modular plug, two-piece modular plug and multi-piece modular plug. According to the need for wiring tools, the modular plug is also divided into modular plugs that need tools and hit-free modular plugs. Let's discuss several modular plugs together.

Telephone Modular Plug

Telephone modular plug, also known as voice modular plug, is mainly used for voice systems. There are two main types:

A modular plug used to connect telephone lines, telephones or telephone exchanges, also known as RJ11 modular plugs. Because it mainly has two specifications of 6P4C/6P2C, it is also known as 6P4C/6P2C modular plug.

5051 RJ11

Another voice modular plug is mainly used to connect the phone receiver. FCC defines it as RJ12 modular plug, because its structure has two specifications of 6P6C/4P4C/4P2C, so it is also known as 6P6C/4P4C/4P2C modular plug. The size of this modular plug is relatively small. It is generally used to connect the telephone receiver and the telephone host. In the early days, due to the rise of mobile terminal equipment, the sales of telephones fell sharply. Therefore, the RJ12 modular plug is gradually out of people's sight. But in the past two years, especially after the rise of the Internet of Things (IOT). Some smart devices began to use the RJ12 modular plug as the connector for data transmission. Therefore, the use of RJ12 modular plugs has gradually increased in the past two years, returning to the public view.


Network Modular Plug

The network modular plug is mainly used to connect switches, routers, servers, gateways, wireless AP, computers and other terminal equipment, as well as network interfaces of network modules, network distribution frames and other integrated wiring products. The FCC defines it as RJ45. Its structure is 8P8C. At present, there are Cat.5E types of modular plugs, six types of modular plugs, super six types of modular plugs, eight types of modular plugs, etc.

CAT.5E Modular Plug

The Cat.5E modular plug is used in the Cat.5E wiring system. For daily use, it is mainly used by manufacturers to produce finished jumpers, for the end of cables in security monitoring projects, and some are used by weak current construction workers for manual jumpers. For the standard Cat.5E-class modular plug, the diameter of the socket hole is 1.0mm, and the diameter of the cable core connected to it is required to be between 0.85mm and 0.98mm. Its aperture is side by side at the same level.

There are two types of Cat.5E modular plugs: shielded and unshielded. Because the outer diameter of the Cat.5E network cable is relatively small, the Cat.5E shielded modular plug generally adopts a tailless clip structure. Cat.5E types of modular plugs are also multi-component. Because the traditional Cat.5E types of wiring products mainly use short links and 100 megabyte networks. Therefore, the finished jumper used in this network environment generally uses the traditional one-piece modular plug. However, in recent years, especially after the IEEE P802.3bz draft introduced the 2.5GBase-T and 5GBase-T protocol standards. Manufacturers began to consciously use two-piece or even multi-piece modular plugs to make finished jumpers. To improve the anti-interference ability of the cable inside the modular plug.


Cat.6 Modular Plug

The Cat.6 modular plug is mainly used for the Cat.6 wiring system. Its use is basically the same as that of Cat.5E types of cables. Its aperture is 1.1mm, and the diameter of the cable core connected to it is required to be between 0.95mm and 1.08mm. The sockets are arranged up and down. Moreover, the six types of modular plugs are a little shorter than the Cat.5E types of modular plugs. The modular plugs used by manufacturers to produce six types of finished product jumpers generally use three-piece modular plugs. This modular plug has two line grooves, the first of which is used to separate and isolate four pairs of wire pairs, which has the same effect as the cross skeleton inside the six types of cables. The second dividing slot divides the eight lines up and down. Further reduce the interference between the cables.


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