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How to reduce fiber welding loss?

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As we all know, there will be loss in the transmission process of optical fiber. The loss that affects the transmission of optical signals in optical fiber is mainly composed of the transmission loss of optical fiber itself and the welding loss of optical fiber junction, and the transmission loss of optical fiber itself is related to the type and cable quality of optical fiber. The welding loss at the junction of the optical fiber is closely related to the optical fiber itself and the quality of the field construction and welding machine. The welding loss is bound to affect the transmission quality, so this paper introduces in detail, if the welding loss of the optical fiber is reduced.


The first step is to use the welding machine correctly. The correct use of the welding machine is an important guarantee and key link to reduce the loss of optical fiber welding. Firstly, the welding machine should be operated correctly in strict accordance with the operation instructions and operation process of the welding machine. The welding parameters, including pre-discharge current and time, primary discharge current and primary discharge time, should be set correctly and reasonably based on the type of optical fiber. If the working environment of the welding machine changes greatly, such as from low altitude area to high altitude area, or the newly bought welding machine is used for the first time, we need to carry out discharge calibration of the welding machine, because the altitude, temperature, humidity and so on will affect the discharge parameters of the welding machine, this step is very important.

The second step, clean V slot, V slot is a relatively precise part of the welding machine, it is mainly used to fix and support the left and right optical fiber in welding, if there is a foreign body in V slot, it will lead to the uneven placement of optical fiber, optical fiber dislocation offset, resulting in left and right optical fiber is not at the same level, greatly increasing the difficulty of the welding machine core adjustment, if the welding machine core adjustment is not good, Then the welding quality can not be guaranteed. Therefore, before and during welding, we need to clean V slot according to the working environment. We generally use a brush or alcohol swab to clean it. At the same time, we can also clean it with a pressure hammer. Regular cleaning of V slot will reduce welding loss, improve working efficiency, and regular cleaning can also extend the service life of the welding machine.

Step three, the two steps above are done. The next step is to strip and cut the fiber. This step is a key step affecting the quality of fiber welding is good or bad, is also the priority among priorities, the first is the optical cable stripping, stripping process, should be careful, do not set the beam tube, and need to clean cotton carefully clean off the oil on the optical cable, reduce the secondary pollution of the optical fiber cutting, cutting optical fiber we should choose high precision optical fiber end cutting knife to prepare optical fiber end, Before cutting, we also need to use alcohol cotton to clean the optical fiber that has been stripped of the protective layer. After cleaning, we can cut the end face in this way, so that the end face of the optical fiber can be better. The quality of the end face of the optical fiber directly affects the size of the welding loss. The axis Angle of the optical fiber end face should be less than 1 degree. So a good cutting knife is especially important, it can not only improve the success rate of cutting, but also improve the quality of the fiber end face.

Finally, through the above steps of operation, we can do high-quality welding, but for long-term high-quality welding, we also need to replace the electrode rod and cutting blade regularly, as well as regular maintenance of the welding machine.

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