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How to reduce fiber fusion loss?

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The factors influencing loss of optical fiber connector welding is more, can only be fundamentally eliminate the influence of all kinds of bad factors, reduce the loss of optical fiber joint welding to reduce optical fiber CATV transmission line loss. According to the practice and relevant materials, the proposal can take the following measures to reduce the loss of optical fiber joint welding.


(1) fiber optic disconnect at some point after the disconnected modeField diameter is the same, thus the fusion between the disconnect can make optical fiber mode field diameter influence on welding loss minimum, so must demand cable manufacturers choose high quality famous brand bare fiber according to the order of the same production batch length of continuous production, set according to the regulation of the cable in this disconnect around the plate, for good Cable tray are numbered consecutively and distinguish between A and B side (disconnect in the former is A tray for B side in tight even after A shovel plate for A side), and shall not use number or confusion, when laying according to determine the routing order, according to the number of TongPan cloth and A plate of the B end of the rope and before A coiled after connected to A terminal, to ensure that can weld fiber in broken place, avoid the due to optical fiber mode field diameter is inconsistent Lead to optical fiber connectors welding loss big shortcoming.

(2) must be used when laying optical cable pulling speed wood is more than 20 m/min of stepless speed regulation of mechanical traction method and traction, shall not exceed 80% of the tension of cable to allow instantaneous maximum traction force does not exceed 100%, traction force must be applied on the reinforcement of cable, cable after erection is generated when the maximum load of elongation should be less than 0.2%, in order to avoid traction Process of fiber stress and distortion, in the end of the cable traction, as needed during the construction of the bending radius of cable should be more than 20 times the diameter of the fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable must be released from above TongPan and keep relaxation arc without reverse, it is forbidden to play small ring bend distortion, etc., as far as possible to reduce the risk of fiber damage in the fiber optic cable, avoid the cable end of fiber damage and make the weld joint damage Consumption increase.

(3) should be trained in the construction personnel to complete fiber in place of work, strict technological process welding while measuring optical loss of weld joint, welding loss not weld joint must be in again, again and again the number of welding with 34 times advisable, continuous welding is still not improve, after three times after exclusion of welding machine for general should reach a minimum of three welding Weld value, don't again and again in order to avoid excessive consumption fiber pan fiber to bring bad effects. Coiled in wiring bale storing plate over the fiber should not be less than 60 cm long, coiled circle radius should be as large as possible, if the same root when optical negative forward a joint weld loss and is followed by a joint weld in the back of loss value can be larger, if the front joint weld loss value is bigger, is followed by a joint weld in the back of loss value must be smaller or negative, In order to avoid cable end of fiber damage and affect the splicing loss, when doing cable welding preparation can be the cable head to some more.

(4) in the optical fiber should be clean and tidy environment, such as in a truck or a small tent, in a dusty and humid environment is unfavorable for welding. Fiber connection parts and in place of tools must be kept clean and dry, the preparation of fiber cross section must wipe after cutting, preparation of optical fiber cross section must be clean and shall not have dirt, and wood should be exposed to the air for a long time can't be affected with damp. The cross section of the fiber cut to tidy, and the Angle between two section is smaller than 0.3 degrees. Place the fiber of V groove welding machine the movement wants light, this is because for 10 Pm fiber core diameter of single mode fiber, if you want to weld loss less than 0.1 dB, the optical axis of the radial offset to less than 0.8 Pm.

(5) the cable into the connection at both ends of the bag will be.To avoid hang put wiring, fixation, package for cable reverse faulting in the position of fiber optic connectors, result in loss of joint measured value is larger. Often found in welding construction welding, in 1550 Nm window measured weld loss value accords with a requirement, but after the bag is sealed wiring reiteration junction depletion of the value is big, this is usually caused by optical fiber connector location rupture, at this time can be changed in the 1310 - nm window of retest, if small measured value is dislocation and fiber optic connectors position must coiled fiber yu long, if the big is the welding problem, need to welding, to avoid this now Like, you must use adhesive tape to optical fiber connectors and fiber optic yu long firmly fixed on the storing disc plate. Connection cable on either side of the package more than long coil diameter control in 40 cm, shoulds not be too small, so as to avoid fiber series of suffer from excessive distortion.

(6) splicing machine and cutting tool also has great influence for optical fiber splicing loss, when welding to correct reasonably set depending on the type of optical fiber welding parameters, such as the premelting current, the premelting time and welding current, welding time Lord, etc. Welding should be timely removal of V groove welding machine and cutting tool in the optical fiber and dust. After using welding machine must remove the dust on the machine shell, if used in damp environment should do moistureproof processing. Welding the service life of mechanical and electrical pole generally about 2000 times, for each discharge welding must run after 20 times cleaning procedure to clean the electrode, but under the condition of the optical fiber clean and in good condition place can discharge cleaning after welding about 60 time, poor working conditions can weld 30-40 when discharge cleaning time after time, so prolong the service life of the electrode and does not increase the splicing loss Consumption. Using welding electrical pole for a longer time there will be a layer of gray scale above lead to loss of discharge current is big and make the welding value increase, at this time to remove the electrode, with alcohol cotton gently brush try to reload after welding machine and a discharge cleaning, if the discharge current is still large after cleaning for many times, must replace the electrodes;In addition, is to choose dustproof ability suitable for field operation of welding machine to weld the fiber.

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