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How to do visitor marketing well?

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Many enterprises do not make full use of ali's free resources, such as visitor marketing. So how do enterprises do visitor marketing, in visitor marketing need to pay attention to what?  The following Ali international station on behalf of the operation company whale send network for you to introduce.  Ali international standing generation operation two, visitors can obtain details page which the visitor information in visitors to do marketing, do not blindly email, need to the specific situation of visitors have a basic understanding, such as customer need what product, what search words, read what product, the access time is long, have sent other businesses enquiries,  Analyze the reasons for not sending an inquiry to yourself.  Most of these information can be obtained in visitor details, such as: visitor region, visit duration, visited products, inquiry words, isvitor in-store behavior, visitor marketing effect, etc. 


 After the application for marketing, the enterprise will enter the form page, which must be filled in, including product information, port, FOB ladder first quotation must be filled in, etc.  You can select the product recommended by the system, or select the corresponding product from the product database according to the needs of visitors.  1. Visitor marketing as far as possible in advance, so as to minimize the situation that visitors can not be marketed or have been robbed.  2. Pay attention to the visitors' language, starting from the needs of specific visitors, do not use the same copy.  3. The title should be attractive to visitors, using the product they are browsing or the search term as the title.  When selecting products, you can choose products that customers have accessed for a long time or similar products.  Because customers visit this product for a long time and have a larger purchase intention, the probability of re-clicking will be higher.  5. When writing visitor marketing copy, we should pay attention to typesetting, do not pile a lot of content together, affecting customers' reading and understanding, and control the length within a certain range, concise and comprehensive to show product advantages.

1: Sometimes the query cannot be found, perhaps because it has been deleted or is in the garbage query  

2. According to the behavior of the customer, we can analyze whether the customer is an accurate customer, and then find the corresponding inquiry to check whether the customer is still tracking. If not, we need to further follow up (with the designed marketing plan).  

3. The most important thing is how to market customers and grasp their needs and concerns. It is also important for us to help them solve their concerns  

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