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How to deal with your zombie customers

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How to deal with your“Zombie” customers, we often encounter the daily work of collating and analyzing customer data, we will be based on customer activity, customers will be divided into zombie customers and active customers. An active customer is a customer who responds effectively when we have a business conversation. Zombie customers, on the other hand, have product needs but may not respond positively or simply to our invitations. 


So how do we activate these customers? First listen to my experience. Case once, I was not busy in the business, all the customer information before a large-scale collation, collation process such a customer aroused my interest. This customer consulted our products in detail to our salesperson six months ago, and came to our factory for inspection. During the inspection process, he was also very satisfied with our factory environment, but after going back, there was no news, and so far has not contacted us. Later, we sent the customer about the product of the mail customers are very cold, our sales staff also regret the order. In collating this customer's information, I found that the company represented by this customer is of a certain size, that is to say, only the business personnel of this company were talking to us at that time, well, since the sales staff no longer reply, we can also try to contact the company's other staff to inquire about the situation! Therefore, I found other staff members of this company based on the information. After a short exchange, I learned that not long after the original factory inspection, the salesperson of their company was replaced, in the course of business handover, the company will cooperate with our company. Under the enthusiastic promotion of our salesperson, the company said it will send new salesperson to understand our company's products and consider the relevant cooperation matters. The new salesman immediately got in touch with us, and our company's products have a detailed understanding, after the details of the various cooperation negotiations, finally decided to sign an order with our company. Now, this company has become a long-term partner of our company. Through this case, I found that activating zombie customers is also a skill. So, what should we do to activate zombie users? 

1. On a regular basis for the classification of customer data first of all, we have to regularly collate the customer data we have, according to their activity classification, keep a separate record of the zombie client's background and contact information. At the same time, we will also be based on the customer's financial strength, customer ranking, strong financial strength of the customer focus on training. Although these customers do not want to work with us now, but this does not mean that they will not work with us, as long as they have a product demand, we may become partners in the future. Sorting out customer information can let us effectively understand our customers, each region of the customer has a different etiquette and customs to discuss, the more clear about their situation, the more we can respond to our customers' needs, the more effectively we can activate our zombie users. 2. Branch customers to propose solutions. After grasping the customer's spending power, we will turn the customer into a zombie customer reasons for a comprehensive analysis. Because each customer's situation is different, they become zombie customers for very different reasons. I've grouped the reasons for these clients' apathy into three broad categories: 1) . Our customers are unable to cooperate with us. If the customers we work with are Australian, then when we compete with UK suppliers they will prefer UK suppliers because Australia is politically closer to the UK and we want to win. More work must be done. When the customer because of these political reasons to give up with our cooperation, we have to understand the customer's situation, and keep in touch with the customer, looking forward to the next opportunity to cooperate. 2) . Customers have changed their line of work and there is no demand for our products. Sometimes the customer is obviously very satisfied with our product, but suddenly no longer contact us, it is likely that there is no product demand. If the customer is suddenly cold because of career change, we do not give up. Because since the customer has worked in this industry, then his circle of friends must have a demand for our company's products customers, we can ask them to introduce customers for us, and give them a share of the profits, as long as we offer enough attractive terms, I believe that many people will be willing to work with US win-win. 3) . The change of business personnel in the client company led to the termination of our tenancy agreement. The stronger the financial strength of the company, the greater the turnover of its staff, and sometimes customer company business personnel in the replacement, business handover did not do carefully enough, our company and customer cooperation will be affected. At this point, we need our business personnel to take the initiative to understand the situation of customer companies, and in accordance with the relevant situation to deal with effectively. 3. If the customer is not willing to give us an effective response, we can give them what they want, according to their preferences to communicate, so the success rate is higher. We want to determine the positioning of our products according to the characteristics of our products, in the mail to maximize the advantages of the product to show customers. Remember, we're not the only development letter our customers receive every day. We have to stand out from the crowd to get their attention and activate the zombie. Four. Keeping in touch with our customers it takes more than one day to activate a zombie. We need to slowly stimulate our customers' curiosity about our products and change their attitude towards us. Therefore, we have to be patient, and customers to maintain long-term contact, so that customers maintain a sense of trust in us, in the production of customer demand can first think of us. Summary: In our foreign trade company, in fact, there are many potential zombie customers, some customers, maybe not your potential customers, but some customers, as long as you carefully explore, fully prepared, zombie customers will become your new partners. Therefore, we do not easily give up each of their zombie customers, the appropriate use of these methods, zombies can become your potential customers.

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