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How to Use Solar Energy to Power Your Wireless Outdoor Security Camera?

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Do you want to install a WiFi camera in your place? If so, the mobile security camera can be your convenient solution, which doesn't need FC to SC adapters and power.



What Is A Mobile Phone Security Camera?


The cellular security camera system is a good substitute for POE camera and traditional wireless security camera, which transmits data through the network. However, it is worth noting that the cellular surveillance camera does not use a dedicated fiber optic patch cable connection but transmits video signals over a mobile network, making it an ideal security solution for locations without fiber optic connector adapters and power. The working method of mobile phone security camera is to install the mobile phone module on the main control panel to send signals to the monitoring station through wireless. Because cellular based security cameras require 3G / 4G / 5G networks, they are often referred to as 3G / 4G LTE / 5G mobile security cameras. Besides, the cellular data plan needs to be provided to 3G / 4G / 5G security cameras with SIM cards but bare fiber adapters to transmit video.


70-2 fiber optic connector adapters 拷贝


Where Can You Install a Cellular Security Camera


Do you need to pay attention to installing WiFi and battery powered security cameras? Simply put, as long as you can make phone calls and text messages there, you can install a cellular security camera system without fiber optic patch cables. Since 3G / 4G / 5G mobile security cameras can work without the Internet, they are particularly suitable for areas without strong Wi Fi signals or fiber patch cables. Remote mobile security cameras are ideal for use in the following areas:


Construction site

Barns, farms, and pastures

Ships and docks

Holiday homes, cabins, and shacks

Caravans, campsites, and food trucks


Wildlife Research Division




Is Cellular Security Cameras Worth Buying?


The simple answer is: it depends on whether you really need it. Users often ask if there is a home monitoring system that doesn't need the Internet? There is no doubt that mobile surveillance cameras will be your best choice if you happen to have the same security needs. As cellular technology advances, it is only a matter of time before cellular home safety systems become affordable.



How to Maximize the Use of Mobile Data?


Here are some practical ways to optimize the use of mobile wireless security camera data:


Put your outdoor mobile phone monitoring system in areas with low traffic flow to reduce unnecessary monitoring energy consumption.

Adjust the motion sensitivity of 3G / 4G LTE cellular security camera system to prevent false alarms.

View the real-time feedback data from the battery / solar cell safety camera at a lower resolution.

Install mobile phone security system in good mobile network coverage.



Can Cellular Security Cameras Work with WiFi?


For most cellular home safety cameras, they don't work with WiFi or your phone hotspot because they are designed to work where the fiber patch is not available. However, if your WiFi and camera connections are your best choice, wireless security cameras that require optical patch cords may be what you need.

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