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How much do you know about crimping tool?

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Crimping tool

Crimping tool ,that is crimping pliers, is a tool for connecting copper, aluminum and other wires by cold pressing, especially in aluminum strands and steel core aluminum stranding facilities. Its structure is shown in the figure below. The crimping pliers are mainly divided into two categories: hand pliers and hydraulic pliers. The hand pliers are suitable for wires below 35mm. Hydraulic pliers mainly rely on the pressure generated by the hydraulic transmission mechanism to achieve the purpose of cramping wires. They are suitable for cramping multi-strand aluminum and copper core wires.


What are the common problems in the application of crimping tool?

1. The pressure resistance of the insulation sheath of the wire pliers is generally 500V. When applied, check whether the dielectric strength of the handle is excellent. If the insulation layer is destroyed, there will be a safety accident when carrying out the electrical work.

2. In the actual operation of induction power, the distance between the hand and part of the metal material should not be less than 2cm to ensure the safety of life.

3. When cutting and sensing the power transmission line, it is forbidden to use the wound to cut another phase line and neutral point, or cut two phase lines to prevent short circuit failure and safety accidents.

4. The clamp shaft should be oiled frequently to avoid rust.

How to identify crimping tools?

1. To guarantee that the cut port is flat and devoid of burrs, the two metal blades used for the tangent must be of good quality. The space between the two metal blades should be modest at the same time. If the space is too large, it will be difficult to take the rubber of twisted pair wires off ; If the space is too small, it will be too easy to cut the wires.

2. The pressing end should be the same exterior size as the crystal head. It is best to have a regular crystal head ready when making a purchase. The metal pressure teeth on the pressure pliers' total eight teeth and the reinforcing head on the other should be highly constant after the crystal head has been inserted into the pressure port.

3. The pressure pliers' steel mouth needs to be strong; otherwise, notches can form in the blade and the pressure teeth can easily bend.

Note: Due to the large current passing through the power circuit, when the aluminum wire is connected to the bolted crimping pile head of the equipment, do not use the method of bending circles, so as not to heat up the connection and burn out the wiring pile head.

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