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Don't use the optical modem as a router anymore, the difference between the two is quite big!

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Many people have seen the modem, and many people have only one modem at home, because some modem has its own routing function, they use the modem as a wireless router, but this greatly reduces the wireless network at home, you can't. Enjoy the good internet speed you deserve.

Next, let's talk about the situation of using the optical modem to access the Internet directly without connecting to the router. There are two most common optical modem connection modes:

One is the bridge mode. No matter whether the optical modem is connected to a computer or a router, you need to manually dial up the Internet access.


The second is the dial-up mode, that is, when the operator installed the network for you, the number has been dialed in the optical modem, and you can directly access the Internet without dialing again.

According to the Internet access function, the optical modem is roughly divided into wired Internet access and wireless Internet access. First, the wired Internet access, as the name implies, can only be connected to the Internet locally, and cannot use WiFi to access the Internet; the optical modem of the wireless Internet access has a routing function and can transmit WiFi signals. Single-band 300M and dual-band 1200M have the same meaning as the router's dual-band WiFi, which is one of the main reasons why the modem is most likely to be directly used as a router.

Since the modem can transmit WiFi signals, why can't it be used as a router?

1. The wireless network is unstable

The WiFi signal is transmitted through the antenna. Generally, the common optical modem with routing function has only 2 antennas. The capacity of the optical modem is small. With a large amount of machines, the wireless network of the router is more stable than that of the modem, and it is not easy to drop the line.

2, WiFi signal coverage is small

The optical modem with routing transmits my WiFi signal coverage is wired, and the ability to penetrate the wall is even more limited. If it is a little farther, the signal is very poor, and the network is very slow. The antennas of the router are usually 4, 5, 6, etc., use The material is also divided into 3dBi, 5dBi, 7dBi, etc. The 2.5G signal is strong through the wall, the 5G signal has no interference, the network speed is fast, and the signal coverage is wider.

3. Lack of commonly used management functions

The rapid development of the network has reached an indispensable position, and the management of the network is also particularly important. The router has the function of anti-rubbing network to ensure the security of the home network; there is also the management of children's Internet time period, so that children can develop in a balanced way between learning and entertainment; strong signal Weak adjustment, as well as network management tools, whether it is APP or WeChat management, can easily and quickly view and manage your own network, and these functions are lacking in the modem.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a wireless router. If the broadband at home is 100 megabits or less, it is enough to choose a router with a port of 100 megabits. If the broadband is upgraded to 200 megabits or 300 megabits or more, you must choose a full gigabit router. , because the port is gigabit to exert more than 200 megabits of bandwidth; the current smart routers are quite functional, please try to choose brand products, the quality and after-sales of routers produced by regular manufacturers are relatively guaranteed, especially when there are small problems It's a completely different experience.

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