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Does Cable Make Our Internet Speed Faster?

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27-cable make our Internet speed faster

Imagine what our life would be like without the Internet at the moment? It must be unthinkable. Now our life is surrounded by the network, from the most common online search to the very popular smart home, all of which need the participation of the network. At the same time, in the fast-paced current, the speed of the network has become the primary standard for people to choose ISP(Internet service Providers).


Not being able to find a Wi-Fi connection is enough to annoy anyone these days. But worse than that, having a slow fiber connection is sure to raise anybody’s blood pressure. Even in the age of wireless technology, cables and wires are an essential part of making any machine work right. When a smartphone, computer, or any other device is connected wirelessly, the modem/router that wireless signal comes from is still using Ethernet cables. These cables may be providing the Internet signal indirectly, but they are still an integral part of the process.


There are different categories out there and the type used will determine how fast electronics can operate online. If a page is loading slow, a better quality Ethernet cable can potentially make those connections go faster. It also helps to know how much data the average online task uses. Something simple like downloading a picture should go fast on any Ethernet cable whereas more data-heavy tasks like streaming videos can put strain on weaker connections.


These factors ring true for both wired and wireless connections, although from a technical standpoint those can be two very different things. Speaking of things that are different, being in a building that supports fiber optic cable over Ethernet can also make a huge difference. Understanding the basics of these concepts can ensure you understand what steps can be taken to make your Internet faster.





Ethernet is a traditional cable; the cable uses copper to carry electrical signals. Fiber optic is a new form of cable that uses light (lasers) to send signals instead. Both cables function on the same principle but fiber optic has a few advantages. Firstly, light moves faster than electricity, meaning fiber cables support faster data speeds. Secondly, light does not generate any equivalent to electromagnetic interference (EMI) found in electric-based cables, so there is less signal loss. In terms of quality, fiber optic comes out on top. However, fiber is still fairly new so many electronic devices are not fiber ready. While this can be remedied using fiber converters, the question of “fiber or Ethernet” is still a ways away from having the simple answer of “fiber”.





Networking is a globally coordinated network of specific devices used to transfer, accelerate, display, calculate, and store data information on the internet network infrastructure.


Server is a computer software that manages resources and provides services to users, usually divided into file servers (which allow users to access files on other computers), database servers, and application servers. A computer running the above software, or a network host.


The server usually takes the network as the medium, which can provide the service both internally through the Intranet and externally through the Internet.The biggest characteristic of the server is its powerful computing power, so that it can complete a lot of work in a short time, and provide services for a large number of users.At the same time, the popularity of the Internet has changed the habits of computer users and greatly popularized the way of network communication.

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