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Do you know the inspection and cleaning method of fiber end face?

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In network maintenance, it is found that the cleanliness of the optical fiber end face is a very important factor in order to make the optical fiber jumper and the optical fiber coupler well connected, which directly affects the communication quality of the optical network. At present, in the daily optical fiber network construction, due to irregular operation or other reasons, the optical fiber end face is easily contaminated; and when a large amount of dust, oil and other contaminations are attached to the optical fiber end face, if the inspection and cleaning are not carried out , once they are connected to each other, the attenuation of the optical signal will increase, resulting in the failure of the optical network, and in severe cases, the entire optical signal system will be paralyzed.

Therefore, we can see the importance of fiber end face inspection and cleaning, so how to check the fiber end face cleanliness and cleaning method? Then look down...

How to Find Dirty Fiber End Faces

1. Visual inspection

There are some "old drivers" in the optical communication industry. Their method of checking whether the end face is dirty is usually to disconnect the equipment, then pick up the jumper to face the light, and judge whether the end face is clean by observing the refraction brightness of the end face to the light. However, Xiaoxing believes that this method is not very feasible. The reasons are as follows: ① This situation is mostly applicable when the optical communication system is not working normally, otherwise it will cause a large-scale network failure; ② There are many cases in this situation. Uncertainty, not suitable for widespread use.

2. Instrument inspection

At present, there are many instruments for fiber end face inspection on the market, but the most commonly used are fiber magnifiers, also known as fiber microscopes, and the other is that the end face can be clearly displayed through the LCD screen, and there is no need to disconnect the equipment when inspecting the end face. End face checker. Therefore, in order to solve the pain points of many users, Jiangsu Jixing launched KFM-200 fiber optic magnifier, KIP-600v fiber end face detector and KIP-600p fiber end face detector. As a professional manufacturer of optical communication testing in China, Jiangsu Jixing continues to innovate and develop, with the goal concept of "specializing in products, specialized in the market and specialized in customers", deeply analyzes the optical communication market, and takes solving the actual needs of users as the starting point of product design .

Is the fiber end face detector easy to use? How is the price/performance ratio? How does the inspection work? ... These issues are probably the concern of the correspondents.

Fiber end face inspection

①Function of optical fiber end face detector


The fiber optic end face detector supports SC, FC, ST, LC male head detection under UPC connectors, and can also meet SC and LC female head inspections. At the same time, it can also meet SC male head and SC female head end face inspection under APC. In comparison, the product is cost-effective. (Xiaoxing reminds: UPC is standard standard, while APC needs to be optional, and optional is now supported)

②Use of optical fiber end face detector

How to use the fiber end face detector? Select the optical fiber end face detector probe (also known as an adapter) according to the optical fiber interface to be tested, insert the probe into the interface to be tested lightly (do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the ferrule), and then adjust the Press the focus button to quickly focus, and then use the ZOOM button to zoom in on the image, so that you can clearly see whether the fiber end face is dirty or not through the screen.

Fiber end face inspection II


①Optical fiber magnifier function

KFM-200 optical fiber end face magnifier (fiber microscope) hand-held appearance design, its core integrates imported lens, one key can magnify the fiber end face up to 400 times, with 200 times and 400 times two modes to choose from; this fiber optic magnifying glass It is equipped with imported originals and has 1.25mm and 2.5mm universal interfaces, which can be applied to SC, FC, ST, e2000 and LC, MU end face inspection. The magnifying glass is accurate and stable during testing, and the connection is tight. The plug-and-play function allows users to quickly understand the subtleties of the end face; its product has high mechanical strength, dust-proof and waterproof, and can adapt to special working conditions when going out for testing, and its assembly parts are few. , for newcomers to the industry, the operation is simple and fast.


①Install the fiber optic magnifier: first check whether the parts are complete, then install the battery (note that the positive pole of the battery is facing the switch direction), and check whether there are any missing parts after assembly.

②Insert the detection fiber: lightly insert the fiber into the fiber socket, and then remove the end face of the fiber from the eyepiece of the magnifying glass.

③Switch the illuminance: View the details of the fiber end face from the eyepiece, and adjust it through the switch if the illuminance is not enough.

④Adjust the focal length: when the end face is not clear, you can adjust the focal length wheel until a clear observation point is found.

How to effectively clean the fiber end face

How to clean the end face after it is found that the end face is dirty? Each maintenance person may have their own methods for cleaning and maintenance. However, different cleaning methods may obtain different cleaning results, but it is recommended to use professional end-face cleaning tools to remove end-face dirt.

At present, there are many brands of fiber optic cleaners on the market, but very few are directly sold by manufacturers.

①Use a fiber cleaning pen to clean

The optical fiber cleaning pen can also be called a one-touch optical fiber cleaner. Jiangsu Jixing cleaning pen uses anti-static resin raw materials, dust-free cleaning silk and cleaning silk agent, which can effectively ensure that the product is not subject to secondary pollution by dust. It has 1.25mm, Two types of 2.5mm end-face cleaning pens are enough to meet the daily interface testing of SC, FC, LC, etc., and a single cleaning pen can effectively clean more than 800 times, which is quite cost-effective.

Before use, select the cleaning pen according to the interface to be tested; when using, gently insert the optical fiber cleaning pen into the interface to be tested, do not use too much force to avoid damaging the ferrule, and then press it gently inward, when you hear "kata" When the sound prompts, it means that the end face cleaning has been completed. If you are worried about the poor cleaning effect, you can repeat the operation 2 to 3 times, and then pull out the cleaning pen, and the whole cleaning process is completed. Before and after cleaning the end-face interface, you can use the KIP-600v fiber end-face detector to repeat the inspection to ensure that the end-face is free of any dirt.

②Use the fiber cleaning box to clean

The optical fiber cleaning box is made of high-density textile fibers, no need to add alcohol when using, no static electricity, no hair removal, convenient and quick to use. Jiangsu Jixing optical fiber cleaning box has kcc-550 cassette type optical fiber cleaning box and kcc-600 portable cleaning box, which can be applied to various optical fiber connectors such as SC, FC, LC, ST, etc. The large-capacity cleaning tape core has been used for more than 500 times Second, not only that, in order to help users control the cost of use, the cleaning tape core in the Jiangsu Jixing fiber cleaning box can also be replaced separately, which is economical.

When using, hold the cleaning box with one hand, press the switch of the cleaning box to expose the clean cleaning tape core, and then gently wipe the fiber ferrule to be tested on the cleaning tape a few times. core, so that the dirt attached to the end face is removed. If you are worried about the cleaning effect, you can clearly see the front and rear changes of the ferrule end face through the KFM-200 optical fiber magnifying glass.

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