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Do you know WiFi ?

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When you are eating out, the most important factor that you think highly of must be WiFi which determines whether you can use your smartphone without troubles or not. When you want to search for something interesting, you should get access to the Internet. But you have no other direct cable connection, you can choose WiFi. To be general, WiFi is a wireless networking protocol that enables electronic equipment to perform without straightforward cable connections. According to the 802.11IEEE network standard, WiFi is a professional industry term that is considered as a kind of cordless local area network treaty. But the source of WiFi needs many other supporters, such as drop wires. And there are many kinds of drop wires, like telephone drop wire, and service drop wire. If the drop wires come across anything wrong you can use the drop wire stripper to check the problem. And the service drop wire price is also a key factor to consider.


So we have already known about what can WiFi do. Whereas how WiFi works


In our daily life, we can search for WiFi from a telephone, a computer, or a router. Usually, bus drop cable is necessary. Hence there is the simplest way to understand WiFi. Taking a home or a business into account, the primary requirement for WiFi is a piece of equipment that receives or transmits a wireless signal. The router receives and transmits an Internet connection that comes from an Internet service provider. Thus, it offers the service to nearby devices that can receive the cordless signal. No matter what is the source of connection is, WiFi can deliver a signal to give access to other devices. And WiFi is not for free. You or other people usually are the main customers to pay for it.


To be honest, whether you know about its strengths and weaknesses 

First, we will talk about its strengths.


1. It is very convenient.


WiFi makes global connection tightly. As we all know, when you have access to WiFi, you can get the Internet so you will know everything online and what’s going on in other countries. As we all know, electrical drop wire is very beneficial for all the relevant operations so we can be more efficient to protect the Internet.


2. It is efficient.


 Especially for business persons, it is WiFi that offers you a chance to contact your colleagues whenever you want, which can greatly do help to your work and of course, your life.


3. It is portable.


It is not the same as the router which is confined to a specific area. WiFi can reach a wider range and has fewer limitations. Even your smartphone can be a source of WiFi. Therefore, you could get WiFi when you are out.


Then, we will discuss the weaknesses.


1. It is not stable.


Other electronic devices will interfere with the signal, like a microwave. The network needs to be stable. Just like a drop wire cable, only when it is stable can it work efficiently. Of course, if the path uses the multimode fiber patch cable, it can also be more stable as the cable can transmit effectively.


2. It is not so safe.


As the signal may be intercepted, your private information may be stolen. Hence, you need to enhance the security of your WiFi.


3. It reaches a specific area.


Although it can be get everywhere, its signal can not. As you can install a device to offer WiFi, the WiFi signal can not get everywhere. Thus, when you get closer, you will see a stronger signal. When you are away from it, you can not search for it.


Until now I assure you that many of you already have a complete understanding of the WiFi.

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