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Discussion on several types of network cables installed at home during decoration

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In fact, it has been a long time for the commercial field to run 10 Gigabit Ethernet with Super 6 cables, and the distance can reach 100 meters. It is a false proposition that the 7 cables do not support 10 Gigabit. The bottleneck is actually not the line itself. There are already 900 MHz products for Category 7 lines, which I believe can achieve higher speeds than 10G. The bottleneck is more expensive equipment. And another difficulty is that the Category 7 line is a fully shielded system, and the entire line needs to be well shielded and grounded (crystal plug, wall panel, router interface, NAS network port, high-definition player network port, computer network card).


Although Cat7 cables currently have some problems (such as high prices and high construction requirements for full shielding), there are basically no consumer-grade equipment supported by the optical fiber system. It is very difficult to say whether there will be any in the future. In addition, remember to buy it that year. People of HD-DVD, there is no need to spend money when the prospects are not clear. And I think that the possibility of 10 Gigabit Ethernet becoming the mainstream in the future is much greater than that of optical fiber. After all, it is important for consumer-grade products to be backward compatible, and there are already some 10G civilian switches, and the signs are already there. It is recommended that optical fibers are not considered for the time being when wiring.

I think a feasible solution is to make Cat7 wiring first, and link aggregation if possible (after all, you are still running Gigabit, which requires link aggregation). In the future, if 10 Gigabit Ethernet cards appear in consumer products, at most, it means changing the wall panels and crystal heads and replacing them with shielded products. If you do the shielding and grounding when you decorate, just change the equipment.

If you are really worried, consider changing the optical fiber in the future. There is a little trick. When wiring, leave a nylon rope in the pipe of the cable. The nylon rope of the network cable is wound together like a twisted pair. At that time, if you want to change the optical fiber, the new optical fiber is also twisted with another nylon rope first, and then the new optical fiber and the new nylon rope are tied to one end of the nylon rope in the wall, and the other end of the nylon rope in the wall can be changed. . There is no need to chisel walls. Of course, this method requires that the workers must follow the regulations when you decorate, first bury the pipes, and then thread the wires. It's not that workers are often lazy to thread the wires outside the wall, and then bury the wires and pipes in the wall. The latter method may have sharp turns, causing the above method to fail.

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