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Detailed Explanation of How to Connect the Home Network Cable Socket

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The correct name of the network cable socket we are talking about here should be the network cable module, which is generally used as a network keystone jack on indoor walls.

Nowadays, twisted pair is generally used in the home. The twisted pair is divided into two wire sequences: T568A and T568B. The information module access standard is divided into T568A standard and T568B standard. Our network cable socket or network cable modular plug can only choose one way to be wired in A and B. There will be no response if you make a mistake.

There is no essential difference between A and B, but the difference in color.

The respective wiring methods are:

The connection method of T568A: green and white, green, orange and white, blue, blue and white, orange, brown and white, brown

The connection method of T568B: orange white, orange, green and white, blue, blue and white, green, brown white, brown


On the genuine network cable module, the 8 wiring bayonets not only have color labels that indicate the 568A standard and 568B standard, but also the corresponding serial number of each internal terminal and the front pin, and the various color labels on the module are very clear and easy to identify.

When wiring, you only need to put the color pairs of the twisted pair into the bayonet of the corresponding color mark.


Step 1

Remove the network cable (or channel) in the wall with a special wire stripping knife or wire cutter to remove the skin of about 10 cm long at the offline end (it can also be longer, which is convenient to press the wire in the back) (don't hurt the metal line).


Divide the wire, press the wire clamp one by one into the metal card slot of the network cable module.


A. Some network cables are entangled with four white and orange-green blue-brown main color lines, not mixed white and main color lines of white and other colors, so pay attention to each set of two lines and then remove the other lines. Otherwise, you can't know which of the four white lines is white orange, white blue, white green and white brown.

B. After each separation, don't press the line first, wait for all the lines to be placed, use the wire clamps at the same time, and hit the line one by one.

C. The wiring pliers are divided into inside and outside, and the outer side is long. After hitting it, the extra line on the outside will be cut off. Therefore, if you accidentally put the outer side on the inside of the network cable module, the network cable will be cut off.

Step 3

After cutting off the extra lines, install the threaded information module on the 86 box panel. There is also a protective cable card behind the good network cable socket, which can protect the network cable from falling off when the network cable is slightly dragged.

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