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Comprehensive Modular Plug quality discrimination

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Modular Plug is the basic network product, but it can determine the transmission speed of the entire network line. Do you know how to distinguish the good or bad Modular Plug?

Main determinants:

The factor that determines the quality of the Modular Plug is whether the glue material is of high quality.Whether the contact part of the fork piece is gold-plated.Number of shrapnel bends. Whether the fork piece is anti-oxidation.These are only the most fundamental factors.A more professional way to judge is whether the fork falls off,whether the fork is crooked,whether the embedded height is consistent,whether the contact surface is smooth.

We know the main factors affecting the quality of the Modular Plug can judge what is the quality Modular Plug.

1.The high-quality Modular Plug shell is very transparent, without any impurities.The adhesive material is not permeable to impurities, indicating that other bad materials are added, which will eventually affect the strength of the rubber material, and the case is cracked and cannot be used when it is pressed.


2. Observe whether the contact site of the fork is gold, if it is gold, the fork is gold-plated. Fork sheet are plated to improve the transmission performance of the Modular Plug.


3. Quality Modular Plug pieces must be nickel plated.The sides of the nickel-plated fork pieces are silvery-white,no nickel plating is yellow.The effect of nickel plating is to prevent fork oxidation and blackening,Oxidation will lead to large electrical resistance, and poor contact problems.If copper without nickel plating is used in outdoor environments, it will soon oxidize and lead to unusable use.


4.The quality of shrapnel determines whether the Modular Plug and the mother seat can be closely connected to ensure the stability of transmission.Modular Plug shrapnel can bend 180 degrees slowly more than 15 times,it shows that the toughness of the Modular Plug is standard, and also proves that the Modular Plug shell is a high quality material.


The method of distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of Modular Plug is introduced.The following describes the differences between RJ11 and RJ45 Modular Plug.

The RJ 45 Modular Plug is a plastic joint that can only be inserted in a fixed direction and automatically prevents from falling off,is a network interface specification.This RJ 45 plug must be installed on both ends of the twisted pair.Mainly used in Ethernet, used to connect to various network devices

The common RJ 45 Modular Plug has 8 position and 8 contacts.There are two line order standards in the wiring:T568A and T568B.Now the pass line is used in the T568B line order standard,the cross line is one end using T568B and one end using T568A.


Thecommonly used RJ11and RJ 45 are similar in appearance,but the volume is relatively small,used to connect a phone to a modem.When receiving the telephone line, you only need to use two lines, and when pressing the line, you can connect the middle two lines. Moreover, there is no requirement for the color and placement order, and the wiring order and color at both ends can be consistent.


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