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Can Wireless Security Cameras Get Power Easily?

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There are many kinds of security cameras on the market, which have different power supply modes, such as the most popular wireless security cameras, cable CCTV cameras, and PoE cameras. All security cameras need the power to work, so wireless doesn't mean there is no wire.


64-2 LC multimode fiber cable 拷贝 

Wireless Security Cameras Powered by Plugged In


Wireless means that the data is transmitted from the camera to a receiver by wireless in general, which also means that you still need a fiber optic patch cable for power. you have to plug the cable into an electrical outlet, so that the wireless security camera can get the power. It is worth noted that you should consider the distance between the fiber optic distribution box and its power source if you have to power a wireless or WiFi security camera outside. The plug and the charge solution will still help you save a lot of time while it is not 100% wire-free.



Wireless Security Cameras Powered by Battery


The battery-powered wireless security cameras are completely charged without wires, which is a real wireless security solution. Also, this camera does not need SC fiber patch cords and indoor fiber termination boxes to transmit data and power because it is the truly type of wireless. Correspondingly, all the operation of them depend on batteries and hence but an additional electrical power source.


However, the camera has a fatal disadvantage——extremely short battery lifewhich will prevents you from choosing such a camera. Imagine if the battery powered camera is awakened only when it detects movement, it can definitely solve the problem of short battery life. Besides, you don't have to worry about the power failure of the security camera because the software will remind you of the remaining power in time.



Wireless Security Cameras Powered by Solar Energy


Solar security cameras are another option for wireless security cameras, which only require you to buy a solar panel to collect solar energy and a battery to store solar energy. Generally, solar panels and batteries are sold separately but you can easily get them from the same manufacturer at the same time. In remote locations such as vacation homes, construction sites, and farms, you should choose solar cameras that use cellular data because the WiFi network provided by outdoor fiber termination boxes is weak, which can also make video surveillance possible.


If you don't want to connect to the security camera via ruggedized fiber patch cords and replace the security camera battery all the time, a rechargeable battery powered or solar powered security camera is your best choice. Besides, if the building is in an area with high power failure frequency, you should also choose the latter two cameras to reduce the impact caused by power failure of the corning fiber termination box.


Security cameras account for only a fraction of the energy consumption of a home, so you can usually check the power consumption of security cameras on the specification sheet. Also, the network provided by the LC multimode fiber cable to the home security camera will greatly affect the use effect of the camera. However, you will never be deceived by the deceptive names of various cameras on the market after obtaining the above professional opinions on camera power supply.

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