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Application of optical fiber system in LAN

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Nowadays, with the development of information technology, data transmission is very important. In order to meet the requirements of high-speed LAN, conference TV, video on demand and other applications, it has become an important topic of material science to seek for faster and more information transmission media. With the advantages of low loss and high anti electromagnetic interference, quartz optical fiber has shown certain advantages in long-distance transmission, and gradually replaces copper cable with metal as medium. However, in the dense short distance applications of fiber to home and fiber to desktop, due to the difficulty of connection, high cost, high installation and maintenance costs, the application of optical fiber can’t be widely promoted.


Meanwhile, with the continuous development of the transmission rate of the computer network in the office environment, the application of high data rate to the desktop is becoming more and more common. The speed of LAN has also changed from 10Mbps to 100Mbps, and will soon develop to 1000Mbps. In facing this situation, plastic optical fiber becomes a better choice. Plastic optical fiber can not only provide enough bandwidth, but also has the advantages of convenient installation, low cost and strong anti-interference ability.


Using plastic optical fiber to construct large-scale local area network needs two kinds of products: passive wiring connection products (like fiber optic connection, adapter fiber optic) and active plastic optical fiber network equipment.


The integrated wiring system with plastic optic fiber can be used as the solution of intelligent building and computer network transmission.

optical fiber system


According to the different positions and functions of each part of the system in the building, it is divided into the following sub module systems


1. Work area subsystem. It is a place for staff to have a dialogue with communication equipment.

2. Horizontal wiring subsystem. It is the part of the system that connects the communication room to the work area

3. Communication room subsystem

4. Vertical backbone subsystem. It is the trunk system connecting each floor in the system.


In the plastic optical fiber cabling solutions, they use a variety of high quality optical fiber accessories.


Fiber optic patch panel. Fiber optic cable termination patch panel is the system work area information outlet of plastic optical fiber wiring

Fiber adapter. It's a connector for two fibers. The optical fiber adapter is a standard plastic module. It can be installed in distribution frame and optical fiber socket at the same time.

Optical fiber distribution frame. It is the termination equipment of optical fiber, which is generally used in communication room. It is used to realize the cross connection management between optical fiber and optical fiber and between optical fiber and equipment.


The research and development of plastic optical fiber materials and plastic optical fiber network equipment will provide better solutions for higher speed network connection. MELONTEl are committed to providing accessories support for optical fiber solutions and providing customized services to customers. We have provided services to many ISPs and EPCs so far. If you have some problems, welcome to contact us.

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