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Application Prospect of Dacromet Surface Treatment Technology

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In the era of high technology, there is no shortage of technology. Different technologies play different roles. Many new technologies have been born. It is very good that users can use their technologies when using corresponding new technologies. It is also relatively large, and as far as the relevant technology is concerned, the relevant technology is very good, so it is more concerned about what kind of manufacturers its prospects are. The next article is about the application prospects of Dacromet surface treatment technology. Dacromet was born in the late 1950s. In the cold winter of North America and Northern Europe, the thick ice layer on the road seriously hindered the driving of motor vehicles. People used salt on the ground to reduce the temperature of the freezing point.


There was a problem of smooth roads, but the chloride ions in the potassium chloride immediately eroded the steel matrix, and the vehicles were seriously damaged and serious problems appeared. Scientists have developed a highly dispersed water-soluble coating based on metal zinc flakes and adding aluminum flakes, chromic acid, and deionized water as solvents. The Dacromet coating successfully resists the corrosion of chloride ions, and the anti-corrosion technology has entered a new level, innovating the defects of short anti-corrosion life of the traditional process. Dacromet coating technology is to coat the surface of steel and other substrates with coatings prepared from flake zinc and chromic anhydride, and play its role after treatment. The editor thinks that the use of Dacromet surface treatment technology will become more and more extensive in the future. Of course, there will be other new technologies in the follow-up, but this type of technology can still be widely used by us for other problems. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for consultation, I believe that everyone will be satisfied. If you want to use the relevant technology, you need to learn more knowledge.

In the process of Dacromet processing, it has its own process, one of which is called coating process. What is the coating process of Dacromet? In fact, the coating process of Dacromet is a new type of material technology that coats the surface of materials. The surface coating of Dacromet processing is a technology that forms a film layer on the surface of the substrate to improve the surface properties. The chemical composition and organizational structure of the coating layer can be completely different from that of the matrix material, which meets the criteria of surface properties, the bonding strength of the coating layer and the matrix material can adapt to the requirements of working conditions, good economy, and good environmental protection. The thickness of the coating layer can be several millimeters or several micrometers. There are generally several coating methods for the coating process of Dacromet processing: brushing method. Brushing is the most common method of painting. This method can be constructed with simple tools. spray method. The spraying method is a coating method in which the paint is sprayed into a mist-like liquid with a spray gun and dispersed and deposited on the surface of the object to be coated. High-pressure airless spraying method: The advantages of this method are high work efficiency, more than ten times higher efficiency than the general spraying method, and strong adhesion of the paint film.

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