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Air Transport Precautions

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In the modern logistics industry, air transportation is widely used. Air transportation is an indispensable and important transportation method in logistics transportation. Its uniqueness is unmatched by other transportation methods. What do we need to pay attention to in the transportation of the goods? In the following introduction, you can come to the system to understand.


 (1) The concept of air transportation Air transportation has advantages unmatched by other transportation. Fast delivery, safe and accurate transportation, can simplify packaging and save packaging costs. Air freight is calculated according to the W/M method, but its weight-to-volume ratio is 6000 cubic centimeters to 1 kilogram (equivalent to 6 cubic meters/ton), so the actual freight is calculated in kilograms. Although air freight is generally higher, it is beneficial to use air freight for bulky and light-weight goods. And the starting point of air freight calculation is lower than that of sea freight, and the delivery is fast and punctual. Therefore, small goods, fresh goods, seasonal goods and valuable goods are suitable for air transportation. Air express service Air express service (Air Express Service) is the express service provided to the owner by the express company and the airline company. After the goods are shipped, after arriving at the destination, a special person will pick up the goods and deliver them directly to the consignee after completing the customs procedures, which is called "Desk to Desk Service" (Desk to Desk Service).

This is the fastest way to transport and is especially suitable for all kinds of urgently needed items and documents. For foreign trade enterprises to handle air transportation, they need to entrust an air transportation company as an agent, responsible for handling the delivery, document preparation, customs declaration and consignment of export goods. The consignor should fill in the international consignment note, and deliver the relevant customs declaration documents to the air freight forwarder. After the air freight forwarder handles the consignment to the airline, and obtains the air waybill issued by the airline, the carriage begins. The airline is responsible for the integrity of the cargo in transit. After the goods arrive at the destination, the consignee picks up the goods with the arrival notice issued by the airline. (2) The difference between express mail and air express express The timeliness of express mail is higher than that of air express, the freight rate is higher than that of air express, and the volume of goods is smaller than that of air express. The transportation mode of express mail is three-dimensional, which can be air, railway, highway, and waterway transportation. The goods are distributed in a wide range of areas, and they are transferred and distributed through secondary and tertiary stations. The delivery of goods can reach the countryside. Although the operating cost of express is low and the goods can be delivered in time, the safety factor is lower than that of air express due to the increase of intermediate links in the circulation of goods. 

The only mode of transportation for Air Express is: Air. The distribution of goods is mainly in urban areas between two points. The delivery areas that require secondary and tertiary transfer and distribution are generally based on direct delivery by vehicle transportation, and no transfer is carried out. The second-way transportation cost is relatively high. It is suitable for the operation of bulk cargo and fragile goods. In the above precautions for air freight delivery, we go deep into its characteristics and introduce some of the more common characteristic problems in air freight, and analyze the characteristics of several common modes of transportation according to their transportation characteristics. Let everyone have a further understanding of some common business matters of air freight.

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