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ADSS fiber optic cable connection steps and disk fiber need to pay attention to the details

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Optical fiber connection is an important process in optical fiber transmission system with large engineering and high technical requirements. Its quality directly affects the transmission quality and reliability of optical fiber lines. The connection of ADSS fiber optic cable is divided into the following steps.


(1) use the stripping knife to strip the two incisions horizontally at the cable head. Just notice that the aramid yarn is exposed. The distance between the two positions is about 1m. Then use the blade to strip the two positions in the middle. It is usually called“Opening the skylight”. The aramid yarn is cut and passed through the joint box, and the Reserved Central non-metallic reinforcement (FRP) is fixed on the disc frame. Cut off the sleeve with the second cover knife, pull off the sleeve, wipe the oil on the optical fiber with anhydrous alcohol, repeatedly wipe several times, until you hear the“Zizi” sound so far.

(2) pre-plate the fiber to be melted with the fiber slot of the junction box, the length of the fiber should be at least two turns, so that the fiber head is just in the hot-melt pipe slot, cut off the excess fiber, and put the hot-melt pipe through different bushings, peel off the end of the colored layer with a fiber-stripping knife, wipe with alcohol.

(3)When the Splicer sends out the signal of finishing splicing, the optical fiber is taken out from the heater. In order to save welding time, the next fiber can be fused at this time. You can also heat two hot-melt tubes together, which will bring convenience to the disc fiber. Do not touch the hot-melt tube and the ceramic part of the heater by hand because of the high temperature of the hot-melt tube just taken out from the heater. Optical fiber fusion after the completion of the disc fiber.

In general, the ADSS fiber optic cable when the following points to pay attention to:

(1) the diameter of optical fiber disk should be large enough, generally not less than 8cm. As far as possible placed in the hot-melt tube trough and disc in the middle, between the optical fiber can not be cross-pressed, if cross, then gently with a toothpick off. Core number is more, the general use of disc fiber, pay attention to this time the casing can not be broken.

(2) the number of coils should not be too much. The higher the number of loops, the higher the probability of the fibers squeezing each other, and the greater the additional attenuation.

(3) after the optical fiber disc is finished, lightly pad some cotton near the disc wall to prevent the optical fiber from hitting the wall or extruding to produce additional attenuation. Hot melt pipe into the slot.

Power fiber optic cable is different from ordinary communication fiber cable, in the connection and disc fiber when the proposal is to ask professionals to operate!

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