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5G kills optical fiber?

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Communication network industry is mainly divided into three parts: upstream equipment end, midstream operation end and downstream application end. The upstream equipment end involves the largest number of companies with the largest value of goods. Related upstream components such as rf chips, antennas and filters in rf modules; BBU module, baseband chip, micro base station in main equipment manufacturer; Optical fibers and optical modules on transmission links belong to the upstream infrastructure layer.

What is the value of the optical fiber and optical module on the transmission link?

In the communication network construction, we can think of optical communication equipment as the road network construction in traffic planning. The wide Class-A expressway is like the intercity trunk optical fiber network. The number of such optical fiber layout is large and the number of cores of a single optical fiber is also large. Provincial road becomes relatively narrow, and its connection is mainly a number of base stations in the region and then form a local interconnection; The thin and complex rural roads are the so-called optical fiber to the home, because the terminals used are generally households, companies and other individuals, so such optical fiber network needs fewer cores but many lines.

The optical modules are the passes in the road network, which are equivalent to the toll station in every province and the gate of every building. Whether it is inter-city transmission or optical fiber access in every household, all uploads and downloads need the modulation of optical modules to convert optical signals into digital signals.

It is important to note that both optical fibers and optical modules have several key points that affect their core competitiveness. For optical fiber, the optical rod used in its upstream raw materials is one of the lifedoors of optical fiber products. The cost of optical rod generally accounts for more than half of the whole optical fiber products, which is the key to the price competitiveness of each optical fiber product.

For optical modules, the research and development of technology is more important. Simply light module section can be in accordance with the 100 g, 400 g level area the different products, such as higher levels of light module is just like a bigger toll station, the future with information transmission quantity of 5 g construction will only become more and more big, the number of cars like the highway in increasing, if there is no traffic on the higher quality of the light module faster can only stuck in mark shape The forming channel is blocked.

Understand the simple product composition, we can further to explore the value of the industry, the value of optical fiber and all commodities need to pay attention to the price and amount, found the future prospect of the product also understand whether the company in the optical fiber plate value potential.

Price volume ratio, macro data and micro company conditions are difficult to support the fiber platform.

First of all, from a macro perspective, according to a number of research reports, it is predicted that the total investment of the three major operators in 5G in the future will be about 1.3 trillion yuan, 60% more than 4G, and the number of base stations will be several times as many as the existing 4G base stations in the future. Such data is also the reason for the initial wave of 5G communication sector.


Specific to the field of optical fiber, under the background of 5G, the total demand for optical fiber is about 308 million core kilometers. According to the average optical fiber 40 yuan per core kilometer, the total investment is estimated to be about 12-15 billion yuan, but this increase has been significantly reduced compared with the previous forecast of 100 yuan per core kilometer unit price.

And the incremental part of the split, the cost of the main equipment link is the largest, accounting for about 40% (such as BBU baseband chip and supporting module products, etc.); Followed by rf components with about 10%; However, the proportion of optical fiber and optical module is only about 3% and 4.6%. From a macro perspective, optical communication is not the star role in communication construction.

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