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[Knowledge] Basics of Copper Wire
Basics of Copper WireCopper wire performance differentiation overviewAccording to the resistivity (the size of the resistance value of the material with a length of 1m and a cross-sectional area of 1mm2), we generally divide the material into three categories:Conductors: Resistivity below 102Ω-mm2/m
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[Knowledge] Introduction to Commonly Used Cable Plastic Materials
PE (Polyethelene) PolyethylenePE can be specifically categorized into:HDPE (High Density PE)MDPE (Medium Density PE) is not widely used.LDPE (low density PE)How to identify the PE material, burning blue flame light, burning area melting transparent, there are sol drops and candle flavor, belongs to
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[Knowledge] Common plastic material determination method
Conventional plastic materials can be determined using the combustion method, according to whether the flammable, combustion flame, whether there are drops, whether or not the delayed combustion, odor and other phenomena to determine the following combustion phenomena for commonly used plastic mater
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[Knowledge] What is the main function of steel core aluminum stranded wire?
What is the main function of steel core aluminum stranded wire?1. Introduction of steel core aluminum stranded wireSteel-core aluminum stranded wire, abbreviated as ACSR, is a common material for overhead conductors. It consists of aluminum conductor and steel core, which is widely used in the field
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