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Why are modular distribution frames more and more popular?

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As the name suggests, the modular patch panel is a patch panel formed by splicing relatively independent main bodies, which are physically independent, flexible and easy to adjust, and are not restricted by the main body frame .



Flexibility is reflected in the splicing mode of the frame body and the transmission module of the distribution frame. Modules can be installed flexibly according to application requirements, such as super five and six, shielded and unshielded, and even connected to optical and copper modules at the same time. Can. If in a project, the voice system adopts Category 5e and the information system adopts Category 6 but there are not many access points, one patch panel can be used to be compatible with both Category D and Category E cabling systems; Similarly, in the cabling trend of "light in and copper out", the mix and match of light and copper, and the proportion of optical fiber access in cabling investment will gradually change. The flexibility of modular patch panels can be compatible with copper cables. It is connected with the optical cable at the same time. In the future, assuming that some information points need to be changed to optical fiber access, the replacement can also be completed quickly at the distribution frame end, which can solve the problems of cabinet space and access management at once.

The construction of the distribution frame is one of the most important steps in the entire wiring construction. The patch panel is the closed-loop end of the permanent link of the wiring system, and is also a collection point of multiple independent links. It is also a transitional accessory connecting the switching equipment, which plays a role of connecting the previous and the next. Therefore, the construction quality of the patch panel is directly related to the transmission quality of the entire wiring system. The transmission body of the modular distribution frame is composed of single-mode splicing modules .



During construction, the modules can be terminated separately and assembled back to the patch panel. There may be defects in any construction process. When a separate module is terminated, the module can be extracted for construction without affecting the work of the next module, which provides great convenience for the secondary termination. At the same time, because the module can leave the patch panel body, in some small cabinet environments, when the construction and operation and maintenance personnel cannot perform construction from the side or back, the modular patch panel can meet the needs of front construction, and the module can be reversed. Take it out and terminate it from the front. After the termination is completed, plug it back into the patch panel, which greatly improves the convenience of patch panel construction.

The operation and maintenance of the integrated wiring system develops along with the development of the wiring system itself. In the entire wiring system, the maintenance of patch panels and jumpers account for 80% of the maintenance of the wiring system. At present, whether it is an electronic intelligent distribution frame (, or new technologies such as the distribution frame label in the smart sign, technical discussions and product development are conducted for the application of the distribution frame and its jumpers.



However, no matter how the electronic distribution frame and other technologies develop, the management of the distribution frame belongs to external cooperation. We consider whether the patch panel itself has the characteristics of improving the efficiency of operation and maintenance. Through more flexible structure matching, can the shortcomings of the traditional integrated patch panel operation and maintenance be changed? When a port of the distribution frame fails, we often need to replace the port, which greatly reduces the utilization rate of the distribution frame. In the time when the space is tight, we even have nothing to do, but the modular distribution frame Allows our operation and maintenance personnel to directly replace the damaged module without affecting the normal operation of the other 23 modules. There is no need to disassemble the assembly line frame, do not need to temporarily replace the jumper, and do not need to prepare a spare patch frame. The function of the modular patch panel is like a treasure in the eyes of operation and maintenance personnel! This all benefits from the pertinence of modular patch panels.

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