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When the construction should use hard wire or soft wire

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In home decoration, what is the best use of soft wire or hard wire? The question is not complicated.

 1. First of all, what is hard wire and what is soft wire? Hard wire: A single wire of conductive solid metal more than 1 mm in diameter, higher in hardness than flexible wire. Cord: A wire consisting of strands of conductive solid wire up to 1 mm in diameter. 2. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Hard wire: low price, strong tensile resistance, corrosion resistance, weak fatigue resistance, high waste recovery. Flexible wire: higher price, weak tensile resistance, weak corrosion resistance, strong fatigue resistance, low waste recovery rate. In fact, all things considered, the hard wire is better. Generally, the soft wire of the joint is burned out, because each copper wire of the soft wire is too thin, easy to damage and oxidation, power distribution and heat conduction are not uniform, causing the copper wire to burn out easily. So hard wire is better in durability, and it's easy to pipe, cheap, and fast to install. At present, the flexible wire is a multi-wire metal, so the production is more complicated, the cost is high, and the price has no obvious advantage, so the hard wire is better. The advantages and disadvantages of soft line and hard line also determine their use role and place, generally hard line for buried wall, buried ground, used as the main line; The flexible wire is generally used for electrical appliances, equipment power connection line. There is no difference between who is bad and who is bad, only who is suitable for which position. So we can choose hard line or soft line according to the location of the decoration.


1, wire construction misunderstanding, wire no insulation sleeve wire is vulnerable to damage some irresponsible construction party in the construction of the wire directly buried in the wall, wire did not use insulation pipe sleeve, wire connector directly exposed, so easy to cause safety risks, is a typical jerrywork phenomenon. In later life, the wires lack of protection, easy to be bitten off by rats or external damage, and short circuit. Solution: The laying specification of the wire is clear, the wire must be protected by the insulation sleeve, and the connector cannot be exposed. Therefore, when the construction supervision, the owner must supervise the construction of the construction party according to the requirements. If the electrical wiring has been laid, it is recommended to remove the wall again to ensure the safety of household electricity. 

2, circuit color separation is not clear easy to cause the danger of electricity owners Mr. Huang's home has just been decorated, but because the decoration process belongs to the supervision, the inspection of the room found laying wire color separation is not clear. Such a situation is mostly caused by the construction personnel to piece together the remaining wires used in other sites to your home, which leaves a hidden danger for the later maintenance.

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