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What is the function of the optical cable splice closure?

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of communication networks, whether it is the fiber-optic broadband installed in your home or the 5G signal used by your mobile phone, all rely on powerful optical communication technology. In order for optical signals to enter the world accurately and safely, the continuous improvement of communication equipment is particularly important. Today, I will briefly introduce an indispensable tool for optical signal transmission - optical cable joint box. As one of the most important equipment in communication equipment, optical cable joint box plays a pivotal role because it can directly affect the quality of optical cable routes. and service life. 1. Why do you say so about the importance of optical cable splice boxes? Optical cable splice box is a device that must be used in the construction of optical cable line engineering. It connects two or more optical cables together and provides complete protection for the optical fiber splicing part. Once the box body is damaged, or water leaks due to various weather reasons, the internal optical cable will inevitably be damaged. For example, once water leaks, it is easy to cause internal freezing in low temperature weather, which will directly affect the use of optical fibers. Judging from the application situation on the market, if the communication line fails, in fact, most of them cannot do without the quality of the optical cable splice box. So, that's why fiber optic splice closures need to be of very high quality. 


Note that "hard" here doesn't mean hard, but means that it needs to have a variety of durable qualities, such as being able to withstand extremely high temperatures or extremely low temperatures. In the temperature environment, the impact resistance needs to reach the level of IK10+, meet the protection level of IP68 (the highest level of the connector waterproof level standard), and at the same time need to have strong sealing, insulation, good resistance to alkali salt corrosion and resistance. Aging performance, tenacious resistance to outdoor environment performance. At present, most of the boxes on the market are made of engineering plastics, and the performance is required to meet the service life of not less than 20 years. When we do R&D and design, we will also do countless tests to determine the quality of the product. For example, in special cases, it also needs to have anti-termite erosion performance. We will also test the product's anti-diesel or anti-kerosene performance. After these tests are safely completed, a junction box that can withstand harsh environments can be successfully "on the road" . 2. The composition of the optical cable joint box The sealing methods of the optical cable joint box are mainly mechanical, heat shrinkable, breathable and gel, etc. The sealing strength directly affects the safety performance of the internal optical cable. The connection is divided into two ways: straight-through and divergent (that is, 2 in 2 out, 4 in 4 out, etc.), and the installation is mostly wall-mounted, overhead, pipeline, buried and other laying methods, that is, buried underground and installed in the pipeline , utility poles, etc., so the junction box is widely used in our lives.


The structure of the optical cable splice box is composed of four parts: the shell, the internal components, the seal and the splicing tray. The outer shell provides protection, the internals provide support, and the splice tray provides the perfect place for "plating out" the fiber. The arrangement of the internal optical fibers is also very important, requiring strong flexible wiring, so that the optical fibers can be switched between the disks to meet the conditions for optical signal transmission. If the fiber splicing is not standardized, the fiber arrangement is very chaotic, and even the bending and winding are chaotic, which is self-evident to hinder the transmission of optical signals. The styles of optical cable splice boxes At present, the types of splice boxes on the market are divided into cap type, horizontal type (Harfur type), page turning and other styles. These styles have been continuously reformed and improved, and there are many designed cable inlets and outlets, which are very convenient to use. . Special mention is made of the page-turning style. Opening it is as easy as opening a book. It is packaged with a buckle, which can be opened repeatedly without tools, which can shorten the packaging time of the box by 80%, which will greatly reduce the construction time. Settling time, improve the efficiency of construction workers. In addition, a valve can be installed on the housing, which can be used to inflate and measure air pressure according to the actual situation. At the same time, the inside of the optical cable splice box needs to have an appropriate blank space, which can be used to place the optical fiber splices and store the remaining optical fibers, so that the optical fiber splices can be prevented from being affected by the damage of the internal environment. Our company has been devoted to the development of optical cable products for more than 30 years, and it can be said that the research and development of optical cable splice boxes is very powerful. Whether it is a joint box or other products, we will make corresponding changes in response to market changes and customer needs. For example, we designed a joint box that is much smaller than the traditional type in the early years to cope with the increasing shortage of pipeline resources at that time. In this way, the space occupied by the pipeline can be reduced, which is very helpful for the connection of the road micro-grooved cable. The market is changing and the environment is complex and different. The requirements for optical cable products in the communication industry are relatively high. Whether it is for the ease of use or the durability of the product, with the continuous development of science and technology, optical cable splice boxes are one of the innovations. The road is still moving forward.

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