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The Features Of Fiber Optic Adapters

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For most, reliability is a leading factor when deciding what type of internet service to choose. Fiber optic and broadband both represent two of the most reliable connection types available to consumers and businesses today. However, although broadband is often reliable, when compared to alternative options such as fiber, it’s also the service most likely to face interruptions from a host of environmental and location factors. By design, fiber optic Internet is a dedicated, passive system, meaning it has very good connection stability.


The reason why the optical fiber network has better connectivity is not only due to the characteristics of the optical fiber itself, but also depends on the diversity and practicality of optical fiber accessories, such as fibre optic cable adapter, fiber optic attenuator, fiber optic patch cable, fiber splice tray and so on.


This article mainly talks about the features of the common accessories -- fiber adapters.


Fiber adapter is to put the fiber of two surface precision docking, so that the optical output of optical energy to maximize the fiber optic coupler in receiving optical fiber, and optical link due to the intervention and to minimize the effects on the system, which is the basic requirement of fiber optic connector.




The feature of fiber adapter


There are many types of fiber optic adapters, including FC Adaptor, SC Duplex Adaptor, bare fibre adapter, etc. Different adapters have different usage scenarios, but there are some commonalities between them.


optical properties


The optical performance requirements of fiber optic connectors, mainly are the two basic parameters of Insertion Loss and Return Loss.


Insertion Loss is a connection loss of the link effective optical power loss because of the insertion of SC Fast Connector. Insertion Loss is smaller the better, general requirements should not be more than 0.5 dB.


Return Loss (or Reflection Loss) refers to the suppression of link connector optical power of reflection, its typical value should not be less than 25 dB. In actual application of FC Fast Connector, the pin surface after the special polishing process can make the return loss larger, generally not less than 45dB.


When looking at adaptors there are several options and styles that can help determine which one will be appropriate.




Fiber optic connectors are universal passive devices, the fiber connector of the same type, can be used in any combination and can be used repeatedly, thereby additional imported losses are generally in the range of less than 0.2dB.




To the done fiber optic connectors, the general requirements of the tensile strength shall be not less than 90N.



Generally, fiber optical connector must be used at a temperature of -40C to +70C.


Insertion times


Currently fiber optic connectors can generally be pluged more than l000 times.

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