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Seven things foreign traders should pay attention to before the Spring Festival holiday

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Spring Festival will come, busy for a whole year's foreign trade people can finally go home with their parents or contact old friends, however, our customers are continuing to work, if you can catch the customer at this time, it is beyond the competitors a chance, so foreign trade what are the things people need to pay attention to during the Spring Festival?  



Make arrangements for regular customers  

Holiday is coming, of course, the holiday notice should be sent to old customers in advance, if customers ask how to find you price or order, it is best to attach email, phone, all kinds of social software accounts commonly used in foreign trade and other contact information on the mail.  

During the holiday a few days ago, in the form of mail formally inform customer our holiday arrangements, including the vacation time of the company is: X month X day 2019 to 2019 X month X day, in the meantime, because is not in the company, may not be able to make contact with the customer in time, if there is demand or inquiry, you can feel free to contact left-behind colleagues, and attach the details of his contact information.  If there are no on-duty colleagues, include an email address where you can receive emails outside the company.  


Set the email to automatically reply  

Mailbox is one of the most important ways for foreign trade salesmen to contact customers. Before the holiday, we should set the mailbox as automatic reply, so that those foreign customers who do not understand the Spring Festival can receive a reply in time, so that customers can timely understand our whereabouts.  


Keep track of your work  

Finish the work with less remaining amount on the head in time, and follow up to half of the customers need to sort out, record and summarize.  Inquiry customers, quotation customers, follow up customers need to be sorted out, and note which customers need to follow up immediately after coming back in the New Year, so that there are plans and arrangements.  


Post holiday information on the official website  

If the company has an official website, it needs to publish a holiday notice on the official website, so that customers can get a response when they contact us through the official website.  


Write down the contact information of big customers  

The Spring Festival is coming. We will send a Spring Festival blessing to our major customers, telling them that this is the most important festival in China. We hope that they can share our happy mood and send our New Year wishes to them with our full sincerity.  


Backup Backup backup  

Important questions three times!  Important data should be classified and placed, and must be backed up, copy a copy at home, in case of need.  No one knows what bugs are coming, and backing up before they come is the best defense against them.  


Download a mobile email client  

For super important clients, this is very important. Keep an eye on your phone and don't miss any opportunity to receive a big order.  

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