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Optical fiber or network cable which is better when decorating

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The decoration is generally in these two situations: 1 is the new decoration of the new house, and 2 is the renovation of the old house. In any case, we have an overall plan before we do decoration, especially for network applications, most people do not understand very well.

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Today, I only recommend the whole-house optical fiber solution. In the early stage of the real-time optical fiber solution, it is necessary to pre-design the network layout required by the entire room, and the structural layout of the house, the function of the room, the location of smart home equipment, the location and size of the weak current box or multimedia box, etc. It is necessary to record one by one, and it is best to draw a sketch to prepare for the construction. Make a list of the equipment required for fiber optics in the whole house: fiber optic cables. welding equipment. light pen. Optical splitter. We can install it at home. At present, fiber-to-the-home, the telecommunications company provides us with a fiber and a light cat. The light cat is matched according to the bandwidth you apply for. Telecom optical fibers generally enter the indoor weak current box or multimedia box and turn on the signal. The network equipment in each indoor room also needs to construct and lay out lines for networking. After the optical cable is laid in place, the only thing to do is to make the optical cable joint, so that the signals of the laid optical cable can be connected. After the optical fiber connector is made, it is necessary to conduct a path test on the optical cable. Generally, it is relatively simple to use a red light pen to test. A bright light will appear on the other end of the cable. 

The optical fiber connector of the signal source can be connected with the incoming line connector of the signal source of the optical splitter, so that multi-channel splitting can be performed. The model, specification and splitting ratio of the optical splitter can be selected according to the indoor wiring conditions. The uplink accesses the signal source provided by the network operator, and the downlink accesses the optical cable lines laid out to each device indoors. At this point, the optical cable network is completed. To sum up: the signal source fiber of the operator is connected to the incoming line of the optical splitter in the indoor weak current box or the multimedia box, and the branch connector of the optical splitter can be connected to the optical fiber connector placed on each network device (connectors are available, It can also be welded), and the optical cable terminal connector is connected to the interface of each network device. The advantages of using fiber optic cabling: it can be done in one step, no matter whether it is gigabit or 10 gigabit in the future, you only need to replace the matching equipment.

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