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Melontel Krone Disconnect Terminal block, surge and enclosure brochure

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Krone LSA Module Series

Back Mount Type

MT-2001D 10 Pair Disconnect version

MT-2001C 10 Pair Disconnect version


Profile Type


MT-2002C 10 Pair Disconnect version 

MT-2002D 10 Pair Disconnect version

Quick Detail:

1. Material of Body: PBT or ABS (UL94-V0)

2. Connector: Iron(Nickel plated), Brass(Sliver plated), Bronze(Sliver plated)

3. Can be installed on krone type stainless steel back mount frames

4. for mounting on MDF, racks, profile bracket, indoor and outdoor distribution box, cross connection cabinets.


This LSA plus disconnection modules are used throughout the distribution level, in the main distribution frame (MDF), in the cross connection cabinet (CCC) and in the distribution point (DP) boxes. It is highly reliable and cost-effective wire connection system for modern telecommunications and data networks.

It adopts IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection) technique, which means that no soldering, wire-stripping or the use of screws is necessary, and which clamps the wires at a 45 degree angle, thus dramatically reducing the risk of a poor termination and increasing the wiring productivity.

They use a normally closed two piece contact, with a convenient disconnection feature. By inserting a disconnect plug into a wire pair, you can temporarily or permanently disconnect the circuit. A test cord can be inserted into a pair to test each side of the circuit independently. This greatly accelerates fault identification.

The center contact point can also be used for monitoring or overvoltage protection.


Mechanical Performance

Insertion force : 40~75N

Pull Out Force : F≥25N(axial) F≥7.5N(radial)

Wire diameter range for solid and stranded copper conductors – 26-22


Copper Conductor Diameter: Φ0.4~Φ0.8(mm)

Environment Characteristic

Storage Temperature: -40 to 70°C

Operating Temperature : -10 to 60°C

Relative Humidity: 95%, noncondition

Dry enclosure rated IP54

Electrical Performance

Insulation resistance: 1000 Mohms minimum

Performance impedance : 120 ohm

Contact resistance :7 Mohms maximum

Dielectric intensity: AC 1000 Vrms 50Hz or

60Hz in 60s

Contactor type:


Contactor material:


Types of mounting:










Other LSA Module:



                                                                       MT-2004                   MT-2004-B


           MT-2005                          MT-2005-B


           MT-2007-A                          MT-2007-B-10

Frame for LSA Module: 

10~300 pair Mounting Frame


                                                                                              MT-2201             MT-2201-10                                                                                     

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Dimension: Width140mm, Height 50mm, Length 22.5mm /way

Rack Mount Frame & Enclosure

图片18          图片19

                                                                 YH-2223-90 90 pair       Dry Enclosure IP54 Distribution Box 100 pair

图片20         图片21

                                                             MT-2221-150 150 pair             YH-2223-100 100 pair

图片22     图片23

                                                              MT-2223-180 180 pair                 MT-2204

LSA Module:



Surge Arrester Magazine

图片28     图片29

                                                                   MT-2112 2 pole type        MT-2113 3 pole type

Accessories for LSA Module:

图片30                图片31

                                                                MT-2121 Label Holder      MT-2122 Label Holder

图片32                       图片33

                                                                 MT-2150 Test Cable         MT-2151 Test cable

图片34                 图片35

                                                                  MT-2127 Disconnect Plug   MT-2123 Number Flags

图片36                 图片37

Earth Bar       MT-2125 Earth Wire

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