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How to celebrate Thanksgiving day in Melontel

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Today is Thanksgiving day. In this special day, our Melontel people use our own way to celebrate the special day.

We make a very delicated cards for our customers and send our best wishes to them. Everyone send the wishes through different ways in theri own way , like WhatsApp,Skype , email and Wechat. On this day, we also give some promotion to our customers who place order today, in order to thanks there continuing support and cooperation.It is our great honor to express our gratitude to our customer on the Thanksgiving day. Without them , we cannot gain such great achievements in these few years.


This year, until this month, our sales volumn has arrived more than 3 million US dollars, more than thousands of customers from 7 continents and different coutries purchased from us. Besides, we also built a long-term relationship with some powerful telecom company, like SAMSUNG, Telefonica,Corning, PLDT, ICE, BT,. All of them give us great support and make us become better.

Our growth and progress are inseparable from their help and support. Their suggestion make us to do better quality product, their push make us speed us our production time, their criticism make us to constantly reflect on how we can do better.

We hope that, in the future, We can continue to cooperate, work together, and continue to achieve business success, gain mutual benefit and win-win result.

Thanksgiving Tips:

1. Is Thanksgiving a popular holiday in Western countries?

Thanksgiving in November is only an American holiday. Unlike Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc., it is a common Western holiday. Thanksgiving is an American symbol. Thanksgiving is an American cultural symbol.

2.Thanksgiving is a shopping festival?

When it comes to Thanksgiving, many people immediately think of "discount". It is true that Black Friday, the shopping festival, is on the second day, but in fact, in the United States, Thanksgiving is even more important than Christmas, which is equivalent to Chinese New Year. On this day, all shops will be closed, and family members will come back from all over to reunite, so this day is also the day with the largest number of people flying in the United States. At dinner, everyone would sit together and pray, and then the male host at home would cut up the cooked turkey and share it with everyone.


3.Thanksgiving is a grateful education for all people?

Thanksgiving is a holiday for the American family to reunite and thank God. As a result, it has become a grateful education in China to thank parents, teachers, and family and friends. Some elementary schools and kindergartens guide children to make cards, give gifts, and thank those who should be thankful in their hearts. And in the United States, Thanksgiving can be called a travel day. Thanksgiving is the most-travelled time of the year, even more than Christmas. Thanksgiving is the busiest holiday for domestic travel in the United States, beyond Christmas.


4. Thanksgiving Day is to thank Native Indians?

The early settlers to the North American continent were called pilgrims (from England). They were starving to death because they couldn't grow the food they were used to. The Native Indians taught them how to grow corn and hunt. That helped the pilgrims survive the first winter. So the pilgrims started Thanksgiving the following year to celebrate'we've made it' with the help of the Indians. So the pilgrims started Thanksgiving the following year to celebrate'we've made it' with the help of the Indians.

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