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How to do foreign trade correctly maintain the old customers

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Foreign trade work, in addition to daily contact with foreign trade customer development, but also need to timely follow up with our old customers, sometimes old customers than new customers more important. So, but in the end what is foreign trade customer management, maintenance of foreign trade customers our foreign trade staff in the end how to do? Foreign trade companies to develop and constantly develop new customers, the company to survive is to constantly maintain old customers, which relates to foreign trade customer management. The following first understand why to maintain the old customer?


1. Old customers are the foundation for the survival of enterprises, and old customers are the most important part of the stable survival of enterprises. 

2, the maintenance of old customers to save a lot of time cost of foreign trade maintenance customers, the important thing is different from the new customer distrust, old customers will directly find you when the need to place an order, so, in the same case, old customers will save a lot of time cost for the company. 3, old customers can continue to recommend new customers when the old customer and your cooperation is very smooth, he is likely to introduce to his friends, so it is likely to catch more new customers. Two, foreign trade companies how to maintain old customers to do foreign trade business work, we should pay attention to the maintenance of previous customers, mining customers potential orders. It is much easier to maintain old foreign trade customers than to develop new customers. 1, the first law of foreign trade customer management - 28 law, the value classification of foreign trade customers to really provide performance is that small number of valuable customers, we in the maintenance of important customers to spend a lot of energy to maintain. 2. Recommend other relevant products of the company to customers. 

Generally, customers with cooperation experience will accept other products of the company much higher, and have a high degree of trust in the company with previous cooperation. 3. Continuous communication and communication in foreign trade to maintain customers, it is necessary to talk with customers about products, life and industry, improve the relationship with foreign trade customers, rather than sending messages when you think of it, and don't waste every bit of communication. 4, to maintain the relationship with foreign trade customers, product quality is also very important, good things are the core of cooperation, to ensure the product, to ensure quality is the basis of our customer maintenance. There is no quality, and the past relationship does not last long. Three, several tips to maintain foreign trade customers we often talk about customer maintenance, so how to do a better job of foreign trade customer management? 1. Clearly let customers know our efforts. We must let customers know our efforts. When helping customers deal with some disputes, we first communicate with customers and clearly tell them what we are doing and what we are working on. 2. Customized gifts to customers can be customized according to customers' preferences, so that customers can realize your intentions and maximize the value of gifts. 3. Choose service mode according to customers' preferences. What is more important between customers and you is the cooperative relationship. When you can always serve the customer, you can let the customer feel that you value him. 4. Remember the details of customer life. A care that can touch customers is better than your years of development. The above is the global express about "how to effectively do a good job in foreign trade customer management" related simple introduction, in fact, we should remember: do foreign trade business work, for the maintenance of foreign trade customers have to work hard, when customers rely on us, this customer has become your loyal customers. Our ultimate goal is to let customers place more orders, continue to place orders.

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