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How to choose modular plug?

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Every time the emergence of new products will often be mined its historical evolution process, the network modular plug is in the constant evolution and the pursuit of speed of change gradually grow up! For the modular plug, perhaps most people still stay on the "crystal clear", do not know that higher, faster and stronger modular plug already appeared!

Modular plug is a standardized telecommunications network interface.At present, the network interface closely related to our life is RJ45, RJ11, other such as RJ12, RJ48 used less.

Since the official definition of the name of the modular plug in 1970, the appearance of the modular plug has not been affected by much change, the main change is the material of the core and the thickness of the gold plating of the modular plug.

At the modular plug market. Filled with many kinds of modular plugs. There are all copper, pure copper, oxygen free copper. There are also gold-plated modular plugs of various thicknesses. So what kind of modular plug is appropriate?

1. Oxygen free copper/pure copper insert modular plug. In the current market, some manufacturers of modular plug standard: plug-in use oxygen free copper or pure copper. We all know that oxygen free copper has low resistance and high conductivity. When transmitting the signal, its insertion loss is relatively low. Anaerobic copper or pure copper inserts have low contact resistance. And because the conductor of the cable is oxygen-free copper. As a result, the impedance mismatch is also reduced. Therefore, many manufacturers will be oxygen free copper or pure copper as the modular plug insert. However, oxygen free copper or pure copper soft more difficult to break the PE skin and conductor contact. Therefore, the crystal head using anaerobic copper or pure copper inserts often has problems such as poor contact, back loss or excessive insertion loss.

2. No nickel plated all copper insert modular plug. The modular plug with all copper inserts is also the leading one on the market. So, it won't get caught by the magnet. However, the nickel - free inserts are prone to oxidation and blackening when exposed to air for a long time. We usually see the modular plug contact surface blackened is this phenomenon. The 24 - hour salt spray test showed deterioration. The left side is nickel-plated, the right side is unnickel-plated.


(After 24 hours of salt spray test, it can be seen that the all-copper insert has begun to oxidize and turn black.)

3. nickel plated copper insert modular plug. The modular plug is the product of a conscientious company in the market. Nickel exposed to air will undergo a REDOX reaction to form nickel oxide, preventing further oxidation of nickel. Therefore, nickel plated copper inserts are not easy to oxidize black. In addition, careful engineers have found that. The exposed surface of the copper insert (i.e. the side in contact with the module) will be plated. Gold plating layer is mainly to prevent nickel oxide and nickel layer wear. So, the nickel-plated modular plug, after 1,000 plug and pull tests, has not been completely worn off the surface of the gold layer and the nickel layer.

Therefore, it is recommended that we buy modular plug. Optional copper insert nickel plated and gold plated modular plug.

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