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How Many Family Safety Apps Do You Know for Android and IOS Devices?

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Family safety apps play an important role in home monitoring, so you can see surveillance videos on your mobile device anytime, anywhere, and at no cost if you download the right Android or iPhone security camera App. Besides, you can enjoy all the functions that a security camera should have by ruggedized fiber patch cords. Here is a list of the typical security camera apps you can get.





IVIDEON is a great security camera App, which has been proven to be effective. The functions of IVIDEON include sending audio online and live broadcasting over the Internet with any device by outdoor fiber termination boxes. Also, you can connect the Android phone's home safety app to the camera in an easier way. At the same time, you can still save and restore cloud storage, which is also effective even if a criminal destroys the surveillance video.


67-1 SC fiber patch cable 拷贝




REOLINK is considered one of the most effective home safety camera apps, allowing you to view real-time video from your camera anytime and anywhere via SC to LC fiber patch cables. More than 2.5 million people are using the app now, so you can download it from its official website.





Because of the interface of ALFRED, you don't need to do lengthy registration and login. Also, it is the best home safety app that can turn your smartphone directly into a security camera, so you should get the app if you have an old smartphone.





Whether it is 4G / 3G Internet or WiFi, I-SECURITY allows users to watch live broadcast from different cameras through the monitoring system with the help of mode conditioning fibers, whose main feature is that users can set up this application on multiple servers.





VIDEO MONITOR provides a good-looking and simple interface, which even allows users to implement video monitoring, GPS positioning, and event detection via LC multimode fiber cables.





By PRESENCE, you can turn your old iPhone into a home safety tool. With this home safety app installed, you can monitor your property in real time via SC fiber patch cables and get some notifications and alerts in case of emergency.





If you are concerned about the safety of your property, you may want to get an ISENTRY family safety application. ISENTRY is a family safety app for the iPhone that allows users to turn their computers into webcams.





Much like ISCENTRY, ATHOME can also turn your home computer into a webcam, which also has the function of real-time monitoring and danger alarm. With corning fiber jumpers and fiber optic distribution boxes working properly, you can view in real time on an IOS device by pointing the camera at an area of your home.





ALARM.COM has also proven to be an effective and simple application that allows users to monitor any corner of their home. Also, it helps to monitor all homes and facilities in real time through optical patch panels and video surveillance.

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