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How Can We Do Daily Maintenance of Cables

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The use of electricity makes the modern life develop rapidly. Wire and cable, if not properly used and maintained, may cause some safety hazards, and it will lead to accidents, especially fire. In order to make the wire and cable work better, we should maintain the wire and cable regularly. However, many people don't know much about wire and cable maintenance and don't know where to start. Let's take a look at how to do routine maintenance on wire and cable today.

Daily maintenance of seven points

1, regularly check whether the outer skin of the wire is broken, wear and tear phenomenon, whether the overload heat overheating, etc., running load in the amount of household wire load flow, serious overload short circuit.

2, regularly sweep the wire and cable on the accumulation of dust, to prevent its accumulation of dust spontaneous combustion caused by cable fire.

3, strengthen the wire and cable circuit switch and protection of regular calibration and maintenance, to ensure that its action is reliable.

4, prohibit wire and cable and acid, alkali and corrosive gases and substances stored together, custody of wire and cable warehouse shall not be stored to damage the insulation and corrosion of metal hazardous gases.

5, on a regular basis for wire and cable inspection and testing, found abnormalities should be dealt with in a timely manner, on record.

6, rainy days such as power outages should immediately cut off the power supply, electricians to check the cause, and send someone to look after.

7, wire and cable should be kept dry to prevent wire and cable moisture, resulting in insulation degradation, causing short circuit.

Maintenance of wire and cable benefits

Regular maintenance can not only make the wire and cable work properly, but also reduce the waste of power resources, and in the long run can save resources and reduce expenses. In addition, if properly maintained, it can make its use in the process of smoother, will not easily occur failure.

Correct and effective maintenance methods can ease the aging of wire and cable insulation. Long-term use of wire and cable will inevitably lead to the aging of the insulation material. Effective protection methods can not only prevent the waste of current, but also prolong the period of insulation aging.

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