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Fiber Optic Lighting Technology for Natural Light

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This is a technology that collects sunlight through outdoor lenses and then uses optical fibres to channel it into the room for lighting. It mainly consists of an outdoor light collection system, a light guide system and an indoor light projection system. Outdoor sunlight is collected by a light collector that can automatically track the position of the sun, and the sunlight is collected by a convex lens and then introduced into the room by optical fibre. The optical fibre has very low attenuation and is able to transmit the light through the light fixture to any position in the room. Ultra-high precision active tracking of the sun in order to collect sunlight, independent of the room location, the sun's height, to achieve active lighting, to ensure that the sun is not interrupted, in addition, the optical fibre transmission distance is long, the amount of light attenuation is very small, indoor wiring is flexible and convenient.

Technical Value

Application scope.

The technology is applicable to:

(1) Medical and healthcare fields: such as hospitals, nursing homes, sanatoriums, etc.

(2) Places where project quality is enhanced by natural light: such as exhibition centres, libraries, office buildings, etc.

(3) Places where natural lighting is difficult in large spaces: underground garages, underground passages, stadiums, large industrial plants, etc.

Solve the pain point:

Compared with traditional lighting, fibre-optic introduction of natural light lighting in the complete absence of power consumption at the same time, can selectively filter out ultraviolet rays and other harmful spectra to the human body, to meet the requirements of human health and comfort. It solves the demand for indoor natural light in nursing homes, schools and other special places.

Energy-saving effect:

Since the technology was put into use in a nursing home project in 2012, the 11 natural lighting systems have saved a total of about 34,122kWh of lighting power and reduced carbon emissions by about 26.8 tonnes.

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