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Common problems and solutions of optical fiber Splicing machine

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Question 01

Is it easy for the optical fiber welding machine to indicate that the optical fiber is dirty and needs to be cleaned?

Cleaning the optical fiber is the first step of welding, but also a very important step, if the cleaning is not in place, it will bring a lot of trouble to the subsequent work, such as dust burning, the optical fiber in the V-slot fixed position offset, eventually lead to welding loss, etc.

There are several reasons why dust on optical fiber is not clean:

(1) The cotton ball or cotton cloth used to clean the optical fiber is used repeatedly for a long time. Wipe the optical fiber with a dirty cotton ball until the dust remains on the optical fiber after the alcohol evaporates.

Treatment method: Use alcohol cotton with purity above 99%, wipe the fiber from the edge of the stripped coated part, wipe again with a bit of clean toilet paper, toilet paper, please use once.

(2) Too much ash is stored in the parts of the pressure hammer and cutting blade of the cutting knife.

Solution: Use a clean cotton cloth or cotton ball dipped in enough alcohol to wipe the rubber surface of the press hammer of the cutting knife and the cutting part of the blade.

(3) In the process of optical fiber placement, the end face of the cut optical fiber meets other objects.

Solution: Users need to improve their usage habits and ensure that the cut fiber end face does not touch other objects during placement. (such as v groove and electrode rod, etc.)


1. If the construction is in the non-long-distance main line, the welding mode can be changed to the mode of "007.SM FAST". In this mode, the welding speed is accelerated, the efficiency is higher, and the dust compatibility of optical fiber is stronger.

2. If the construction is in the long-distance main line, in order to ensure low welding loss and reduce the rework rate, please ensure that the optical fiber must be cleaned in place.

Question 02

Large weld estimation loss?

Reason analysis:

1. Dirty lens

The external lens of the lens is exposed. Due to the dusty environment of the construction site, it is easier to combine the dust to form a layer of dirt on the lens surface under the condition of moisture, which affects the optical imaging. The impact on C9S, C10S such as high demand, high performance machine is particularly serious.

In minor cases, the imaging curve of the optical fiber core will tilt, and the fiber core will become fuzzy, which will affect alignment and loss, and the alignment operation will fail, resulting in large estimated loss.

In serious cases, the lens image is deformed, the fiber core is distorted, and the fiber core is even invisible.

Solution: In the above cases, air can be used to make the cleaning stick slightly wet and clean the lens until the machine is normal.

2. The welding mode is not selected correctly

If the "002.SM G652" mode is used for welding, the following welding effect occurs

(Illustrate the brightness effect of welding, and what is the core), no core on one side or no core on both sides.

It means that the fused fiber without core is MM fiber, so we need to select the corresponding welding mode for compatibility.

Select 012.SM-MM for welding

If the mode "002.SM G652" is used for welding, the following welding effect will appear, with fiber cores on both sides.

Please select "015.SM-BI" mode for welding

Note: If the actual loss is large or the welding effect is not good when the optical fiber is fused in mode other than "002.SM G652", please use the single-mode SM optical fiber for discharge calibration.

Question 03

Large optical fiber Angle, motor travel beyond the limit?

As shown in the following figure (Figure 3-1 large included Angle of optical fiber, Figure 3-2 motor travel over limit), the characteristics of these problems are: when the optical fiber begins to enter the screen, the optical fiber is not in the vertical center of the screen, C8, C6 fiber XY two visual field fiber thickness is inconsistent, the included Angle is greater than 0.5 or the optical fiber is too far off, the machine reported motor travel over limit or optical fiber error.

Reason analysis:

1. The optical fibers are not properly placed or large particles of dust are detected on the optical fibers

The fault appears intermittently.


(1) Reposition the optical fibers in slot V.

(2) The surface of the optical fiber is not completely cleaned. Please clean the optical fiber and place the optical fiber.

2. The V slot has dust or foreign bodies.

Dust or fiber coating peel is easy to fall into the ceramic V slot, and then the alcohol and oil stains in the cable make it into adhesive stick at the bottom of the V slot, more stubborn.

With ash in slot V, the actual alignment position of the optical fiber is shifted from the original optimal position, that is, the actual distance from the lens is changed. It can be seen that the optical fiber core thickness in X and Y fields differs greatly when the optical fiber has just been advanced, and the included Angle of the optical fiber is large (Figure 3-1). Serious often appear "motor travel limit" and other errors. If the phenomenon does not disappear after repeated cleaning of the optical fiber and repeated placement, it is very likely that the dust interference at the bottom of the V slot.

Solution: Clean the V-shaped slot and optical fiber pins in time.

(1) Turn off the power supply, and rub the bottom of V groove repeatedly with cotton stained with alcohol, so that the dirt in V groove is dissolved and loosened by alcohol. Picture)

(2) A section of optical fiber is prepared, so that the optical fiber is kept at a 45 degree Angle, and the cut end is rubbed back and forth along the groove of the V-shaped groove to make it smooth and clean repeatedly.

(3) Clean the optical fiber press foot with alcohol cotton with purity above 99%.

If the above fault is not eliminated after cleaning, the previous cleaning is not in place, please be patient and try several times.

Question 04

Weld the wrong core?

During the daily use of the optical fiber welding machine, if the fault alarm similar to the figure above occurs, it can be seen that the optical fibers on both sides are mislocated and the optical fiber offset is too large. At this time, we need to correct the following points:

1. Clean V-shaped slot.

The residual dirt in the V-shaped slot will cause the fiber to advance unsteadily, and it is easy to have wrong core after welding. And the V-groove residue quantity is too much will also lead to motor travel beyond the limit can not core, or shorten the service life of the machine.

2. Clean the optical fiber.

For high-precision machines such as C9S and C10S, unclean optical fibers will also lead to misalignment of cores. For details about how to clean optical fibers, see Troubleshooting Methods.

3. Wrong welding mode selection

Refer to the welding mode to select an error handling method.

Question 05

About the core distortion or two sides of the fusion into spherical processing method?

Both phenomena are caused by the same reason. Because the fiber needs to push a certain amount of overlap when it is finally fused, if the external cause of the fiber is not pushed or not pushed enough, it will cause this phenomenon. It is generally easy to see when the pigtail is loose (the bare fiber and the protected hose are not fixed between each other and can slide).


(1) The bare fiber should be placed on the left as far as possible, and the jumper wire should be placed on the right for welding.

(2) Check whether the rubber chuck is tilted up, you can use your hand to break it down, so that it can be more powerful when clamping the pigtail part of the bare fiber.


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