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Common Types Of Fiber optic adapters

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Nowadays, our lives are surrounded by information, and the rapid updating of information brings us closer and closer to each other. A large part of this is due to the widespread use of fiber optic. At the same time, this is also the maturity of optical fiber transmission system behind optical fiber. Fiber optics alone do not allow information to be transmitted quickly, and many fiber optic accessories are required. Common fiber optic accessories are fiber adapters, fiber optic connectors, fiber optic attenuator. This article mainly talks about fiber optic adapters.



What is fiber optic adapters?



fiber adapter (also known as a flange disk), is a fiber active connector-to-medium connection component. Fiber connectors are the most used optical passive devices in fiber communication systems, and most fiber connectors consist of three parts: two fiber connectors and one coupler. Two fiber joints are mounted into two fiber ends, and the coupler functions as a alignment sleeve. In addition, the couplers are mostly equipped with metal or non-metallic flanges to facilitate the installation and fixation of connectors.



Features of Fiber Optic Adapters


Ensure connection stability. The optical fibers are connected by an fiber optic adapter which has an internal open bushing. The bushing can ensure the maximum connection between the optical connectors. Some of adapters are transformable, which are available with fiber optic connectors of different interface types on both ends and provide a connection between APC faceplates. In order to be fixed in variety of panels, there are many types of fiber adapters.



The types of fiber optic adapter



FC Fiber Optic Adapter


It was first developed by Japan NTT. FC is an acronym for FERRULE CONNECTOR, which means that its external reinforcement is the use of the metal sleeve, fastening the way for the buckle. Such fiber adapters are simple in structure, easy to operate and easy to manufacture. However, the fiber end face is more sensitive to dust, and it is easy to produce Fresnel reflection and it is difficult to improve the return loss performance. After a late improvement, this type of adapters has been improved and make the insertion loss and return loss performance has been greatly improved.


SC Fiber Optic Adapter


It was also developed by Japan NTT Corporation. The shell is rectangular, the pin and the coupling sleeve used in the structure of the same size and FC type. One end of the pin to use more PC or APC grinding method; the casting method is the use of plug pin type, without rotation. Such connectors are inexpensive, easy to plug and unplug, low insertion loss variations, high compressive strength, and high installation density.


LC Fiber Optic Adapter


The lc-type connector is a well-known BELL (Bell) Institute of research and development, the use of convenient modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism made. The pins and sleeves used are half the sizes used for normal SC, FC, etc., at 1.25mm. This will increase the density of fiber optic connectors in fiber distribution frames. Currently, in the single-mode SFF, LC type of connector has actually occupied the dominant position, the application of multi-mode is also growing rapidly.


These are some of the most common types of fiber adapters. Faced with a number of fiber optic adapters, how to choose the most suitable adapter type, you can click here

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