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Briefly talk about the difference between Ethernet, local area network and Internet

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Hello everyone, it's time for daily study again. Today, let's talk about the difference between Ethernet, local area network, and the Internet. Ethernet is a kind of local area network, and local area network is not necessarily Ethernet, but because most local area networks are Ethernet, generally speaking, local area network, everyone defaults to Ethernet. The so-called Ethernet is a bus-type local area network, created by Xerox. There are many ways to realize the topology of the local area network, such as star, ring, bus and so on. But from the experience over the years, Ethernet, that is, the bus type, is the most successful and widely used. 


Digression: It is precisely because of the successful promotion of Ethernet that the TCP/IP protocol it supports has become an actual standard that is more widely used than the standard although it is not a standard. Ethernet and Internet are two different concepts. For example, Internet Internet, wide area network WAN, and local area network LAN can be counted as one category and classified according to area and scope. And Ethernet Ethernet, ATM network, FDDI network can be counted as one category, classified according to the transmission technology, and belong to the data link layer of the OSI reference type. Ethernet is very popular, the Ethernet interface on the computer, the Wi-Fi interface, the Gigabit Ethernet port on the Ethernet switch, the 10 Gigabit Ethernet port on the router, and the network cable, they are all components of the Ethernet, and the Ethernet can be used for It can also be used in local area network, wide area network, and the Internet. Now the network has a trend of Ethernetization. Because of its simplicity and ease of use, it is very popular, and then it has been well researched. ...this is its rate escalation graph. The Internet is a general term for networks connected by large and small operators, companies, institutions, and users, including Ethernet, ATM networks, and other interfaces, such as E1/E3 and so on. The main difference: Ethernet is a local area network that can only connect nearby devices, the Internet is a wide area network, and we can connect to the United States through the Internet to get news. Both are used to connect computers to the network, but the scope of the two is different. Ethernet is limited to a certain distance, and we can have hundreds of Ethernets; but the Internet is the largest wide area network, and we only have one Internet, so the Internet can be said to be a network within a network. The Internet is a huge international system, which can connect the networks in all parts of the world. Private, public, academic or commercial networks or government networks can all be connected to each other and share resources. Figuratively speaking, the Internet is the network we use to open web pages, send e-mails, listen to music and watch movies online. It includes a very wide range of information, which we have now become accustomed to. As for Ethernet, basically only a few local computers are allowed to connect to each other. 

There is a set of technical support for sending messages between computers. Generally, computers connected to Ethernet are in the same building, or in the immediate vicinity. But with the development of Ethernet cables, the range of Ethernet can be extended to ten kilometers. But because they are all interconnected by network cables, it is unrealistic to connect to very far places. A little bit of life, Ethernet is to connect your computer and laptop to the cat, and then connect to the Internet through the cat, so that you can Skype with foreign friends. Therefore, your computer, laptop and cat form an Ethernet network. As you can imagine, there are thousands of Ethernets in the world. Businesses use Ethernet to connect all their computers to the main server Ethernet can have one or several administrators. There may be some parts of the Internet that are run by administrators, but there is no one administrator who can control the entire Internet. Another difference is security. Ethernet is relatively secure because it is a closed internal network, and outsiders have no authority. But the Internet is openly connected and everyone can browse. 

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