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Analysis of Ultraviolet Fast Fiber Coating Technology

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In the field of optical fiber coating machines and anti -optical ratio tests, import monopolies have been broken, and key technical improvements have been made for some brand coating machine injection pipes, which are easy to block, waste glue, severe glue, long curing time, etc. Technical cooperation requirements, production line cooperation requirements, special size requirements, etc. Solve the problem of blocking the tube. 


The coating time can be reduced to 1S (PC373 and other low refractive glue time is about 7s, and high refractive glue time such as DSM-950-200 is about 1s). It can achieve the semi -automatic injection function of the resin and accurately control the amount of glue in every coating. To solve the problem of glue, glue follows the glue along the fiber groove, not overflows to the glass tablet, saving about 60%of the glue. (Our products can be coated three times for a brand of glue once). Special customized demand technology analysis case: 250um diameter optical fiber is coated with special requirements after coating. It is required to be lower than the conventional 280um or as close as possible or consistent with the diameter of the original fiber. The analysis is as follows: 1. After a large amount of technical verification, the coating diameter of 280um is the most reasonable coating. It is suitable for importing and domestic glue for various types of glue. The reason why the part that needs to be coated is greater than 250um, the purpose is to complete the fiber cut section completely, otherwise there may be gaps or bubbles on both sides. 2. If there is a need to be close to the original diameter, it is recommended to increase the diameter of 10um-15um. 260um-265um can also be more solid to protect the boundary fault. It is recommended to use some glue, such as DSM, or PC and other performance stable glue. 3. If the damage point is repaired alone, for example, the semi -curved damage, or the short -distance cutting section, can be close to the original diameter of 250um, and the dicture can be performed. This method is not suitable for over 10mm or more. Note: In the coating link, we first need to use high -quality coating glue, then use high -quality coating molds, and finally clean the residual glue on the mold in time to achieve high -quality fiber coating. 

Semi -automatic and semi -automatic glue mode: It is not a traditional manual joystick control, nor is it a fully automatic timing quantitative glue, the button control, the long press button starts the glue, the glue stops after loosening, and the glue stops according to the actual needs and the length of the fiber length. The length of the glue, the upper fixture is a transparent quartz glass, which can observe the progress of the glue at any time. When the fiber cutting end facial glue will stop flowing, you can release the button to stop the glue. When the coating layer can not have dust, when the operation is absolutely clean, you cannot directly contact the naked exposed bag part if it causes the packaging layer to pollute it. After the alcohol is completely volatilized Cover the glue, pay attention to distinguish the high and low refractive index not to use the expired coating glue to clean the residual glue on the mold after the coating is cleaned in time to avoid damage to the fixture

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