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[Knowledge] The Difference between Aluminium Clad Steel And Steel Core Aluminium Stranded Wire
First, the material is differentAluminium clad steel is steel as the core material, outsourced with aluminium or aluminium alloy, belongs to a kind of outsourced aluminium products. Steel core aluminium stranded wire is made of multi-stranded aluminium and steel core stranded into an alloy cable.Sec
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[Knowledge] Hollow-core Fiber
In order to break through the limitations of traditional solid-core quartz optical fibres, researchers have been persistent in their research and exploration. During the research process, Hollow Core Fibre (HCF), which has an air core, came into being. The structure of the hollow core fiber is relat
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[Knowledge] What Are The Main Laying Methods of Fiber Optic Cable?
Due to different construction conditions and construction requirements, communication cables in different scenarios will take different laying methods, common laying methods include: direct burial, aerial, pipeline, underwater and bureau and so on.1 direct burial layingDirect burial,
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[Knowledge] Q&A about Fiber Optic Patch Cord
1Q: What do the various diameter parameters in fiber optic patch cords represent?A: These parameters are related to the fiber structure.From the cross-section, the internal structure of the fiber as shown in the figure above, the corresponding parameters are interpreted as follows:
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