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What is the role of the krone module?

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This LSA plus disconnection modules are used throughout the distribution level, in the main distribution frame (MDF), in the cross connection cabinet (CCC) and in the distribution point (DP) boxes. It is highly reliable and cost-effective wire connection system for modern telecommunications and data networks.As the figure below:



It adopts IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection) technique, which means that no soldering, wire-stripping or the use of screws is necessary, and which clamps the wires at a 45 degree angle, thus dramatically reducing the risk of a poor termination and increasing the wiring productivity. The IDC contact is phosphor bronze, with silver plating.


They use a normally closed two piece contact, with a convenient disconnection feature. By inserting a disconnect plug into a wire pair, you can temporarily or permanently disconnect the circuit. A test cord can be inserted into a pair to test each side of the circuit independently. This greatly accelerates fault identification.

The center contact point can also be used for monitoring or overvoltage protection.

What is the IDC?


The wires are connected to the opposite contacts at the system/cable and at the jumper sides. Separate access contacts are located at the centre of each pair; e.g. for monitoring, measuring and testing work, for switching using switching adapters or for connecting over-voltage protection magazines (3-point protection with overvoltage arrestors or semiconductor components).

It has 3 types connectors.

Connection Modules have a QQ图片20210623160145(4)
one piece contact providing
a continuous link between
permanent wiring and jumper
wiring, giving provision for
monitoring access and

overvoltage protection.                                   

Disconnection Modules have
two piece contacts normally
closed, incorporating a
disconnection facility.
This gives all the features as
above plus the added
advantage of individual pair
disconnection and four wire
test access.

Switching Modules have two QQ图片20210623160207(5)
piece contacts normally open
to allow connection by one of
the KRONE range of 4 pole
Bridging Plugs, Test Leads or

In a word, the use of integrated cabling system, users can according to the actual needs or changes in the office environment, flexible and convenient to realize the change and reorganization of the line, adjust the construction of the required network mode, fully meet the needs of user business development.

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