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The reason that affects the network speed

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The first is the quality of the wire itself. For example, the wire is not up to standard. The copper core is made of copper clad aluminum or recycled,copper, while the standard twisted pair wire.


The quality of the network cable has an impact on the speed of the network, because the material used in it has an impact on the signal transmission, no matter how much the interval, for example, a terminal to B terminal interval is 100M, if the better network cable, maybe the center only needs to add a hub or switch. If the quality is poor, you may need to add two hubs or switches to the center,The quality of the network cable depends on the network cable material, if you use copper-clad aluminum network cable and oxygen-free copper network cable is unable to compare, quality is good, transmission speed is far, then the difference is very big, it doesn't matter if the transmission distance is close.the copper core is made of oxygen-free copper. In addition, the wire diameter of copper core (refer to AWG wire gauge for this) , the winding distance between twisted pairs (the length of the winding distance also has some effect on the signal) , the cable skin (LSZH-low smoke halogen-free and flame retardant) , etc. , non-standard network cable, in the transmission rate, transmission distance, life, will be greatly discounted.

On a few occasions, I have seen some of the so-called"Six-class line" laid down a few years ago (the skin marked Cat6 characters) , from the first floor to the third floor, estimated distance of 20 meters or so, is running less than gigabit. Later inspection found that the net line skin with a hand to tear off, the inside of the copper core on the hard side, apparently some of the black oxidation. The second is the network wiring construction quality. For example, the distance between strong and weak cables was too close, the electromagnetic signal would affect them, or some people would lay them in the same pipe (slot) for convenience. Some even buried them in the wall without laying the pipe. This kind of weird practice, i have also seen, basically three or two years, on the wall of cement, such as the erosion of aluminum silicate waste. There are also some wiring in the corner of the buried pipe, did not handle well, not the use of 45 degrees or round corner, but the use of a nearly right angle approach, in the threading and pulling hard, causing mechanical damage to the wire, leave hidden dangers and so on. Maybe a lot of people, in the area of cable quality and wiring, at first, do not pay much attention and attention, focus on routers, switches, wireless AP and other home furnishings, etc. , it's easy to slip up if you're not careful. In fact, the network wire quality and planning construction quality, is the whole network the most basic, the most important, the most hidden link, is also the most worth investing in part

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