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Source channel and product comparison of LAN Patch Cord

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LAN Patch Cord mainly come from three channels:

1.With the whole link products with the same brand matching wire jumper

2.Make a LAN Patch Cord line on site

3.Buy LAN Patch Cord in the computer market

In addition to the matching jumper can obtain the manufacturer's professional test, it's not easy for users to tell the difference between good and bad quality of on-site production or market purchase.Low-quality network jumpers will affect the transmission efficiency and stability of the network, and may also damage the hardware, causing the paralysis of the system.


1.Brand finished product jumper

The standard requires that AWG26 or AWG24 bare flexible copper conductor be used as the cable conductor for the jumper.The cable of this structure is soft and flexible, and it is easy to arrange the line on site. The use of the standard finished network jumper can not only meet the requirements of the transmission rate, so that the six types of channel link broadband to reach gigabit, super six types of channel link broadband to reach ten gigabit. There is also quality assurance that can meet the needs of at least five years.

2.Make a jump line on site

The jumper made on site is generally the remaining zero line of the horizontal line. This cable conductor structure is solid, relatively hard, poor bending, the field line is more difficult. Because the Modular plug installed on site is easily installed by hand pressure, the reliability of the Modular plug and cable compression has a great relationship with the operator.In the daily construction of the network jumper is not standard. This simple jumper has several disadvantages: 1. The modular plug can easily fall off because there is no injection molding at the junction. 2. The cable used in the cable is a piece of copper. Its hardness is high, and no injection molding. This network jumper causes great pressure and tension on the device port, which is easy to damage the port.

3.Market purchase jump line

Jumpers purchased in the computer market may be made on site, and the quality is difficult to guarantee.

4.Jumper-line raw material analysis

The general matching jumper and the field made jumper conductor is anaerobic round copper rod, but the cost of some inferior jumpers on the market is very low, may use aluminum, may also use inferior copper, can only be used, but can not guarantee the quality.

5.Modular plug

The most important part of the Modular plug is the top of the copper, the quality of the copper directly affects the quality of the Modular plug.You can check whether the edge of the metal end is neat, and you can also see the color of the Modular plug. The copper sheet of the inferior  Modular plug will become dark and black after oxidation.The metal sheet and shell of the matching brand crystal head are tested by the factory, which can guarantee the quality of the product.The quality of the modular plug used for on-site production of jumper comes from the supporting products,it can also guarantee the quality. If modular plugare purchased on the market, it is difficult to guarantee the performance of the raw materials.

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