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How to develop new customers in foreign trade business

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Mining new customers is as important as stabilizing old customers. The entry of new customers has injected new blood into the enterprise, especially the entry of large potential customers, which has an important impact on the profitability of the enterprise. There are many ways to develop new customers and tap potential customers. Here are several methods that can be used for reference for marketers.


Carpet search method The so-called carpet search method refers to the method of door-to-door visits by marketers within a pre-agreed range, also known as door-to-door visit method and door-to-door sales method. The advantage of this method is that it has the characteristics of wide access, involving many customers, and no omissions. However, this method has certain blindness. For those who have not been involved in marketing, the biggest obstacle to using this method is how to approach customers. , that is, the process by which marketers strive to get customers to meet and understand each other before customers buy goods or receive services. The following methods can be used to approach customers: 1. Distribute promotional materials. Marketing personnel distribute promotional materials directly to customers to introduce the company's products or services, attract customers' attention and interest, and thus be able to approach customers. 2. Gift. This is the approach commonly used in modern marketing. Marketers use gifts such as giving out small gifts to arouse the interest of customers and then approach customers. 3. Investigation. Marketers can use the opportunity of surveys to approach customers, and this method also hides the purpose of direct marketing and is easily accepted by customers. 4. Benefit guidance. Marketers turn to the interview approach by simply stating the benefits of a good or service and the benefits it will bring to the customer to get the customer's attention. 5. Praise approach. Marketers use people's self-esteem and need to be respected to spark interest in conversation. It should be noted that praise must come from sincerity, and also pay attention to skills, otherwise it will be self-defeating. 6. Ask for advice. For those who are humbly asking for advice, people generally do not reject him. But marketers should plan carefully and pay attention to strategy when using this method. Second, the advertising search method The so-called advertising search method refers to the use of various advertising media to find customers. More and more large companies use advertising to help salespeople generate leads. There are various ways to use advertising media, such as providing coupons or lottery coupons in the lower part of the magazine advertising page, so that readers can request information; or setting up a mailbox column on the back of the magazine, allowing readers to learn more about products or services through the mailbox. ; It is also possible to use high-tech tools such as fax machines to link automatic personal computers with automatic delivery systems of fax machines. Customers only need to dial the phone number on the advertising medium, and they can hear the voicemail-like computer automatically send out With voice, customers can select one or more service items, and just provide a fax number and have their documents delivered within minutes. Although advertising media can provide information on many potential customers, marketers also have to spend considerable time sifting, so advertising search methods can only work best when combined with high-tech tools and e-commerce. Third, the central flowering method The so-called central flowering method refers to selecting some influential people in a specific area, making them consumers of products or services, and obtaining their help or cooperation as much as possible. The key to this approach lies in "influencers," those who have influence over those around them because of their status, position, achievements, or personality.

These people are quite persuasive, their influence can radiate in all directions, and have a demonstration effect on the majority of customers, so it is easier to gain the trust of other customers. And these influential figures are often active in business, society, politics, and religion, and they may be respected by others because of their senior financial background or high moral character, so it is especially effective if they can get their recommendation. Because they represent authority. However, when using this method, be careful to keep in touch with influential people, and when they recommend you to others, be sure to thank them, whether the deal is successful or not. Fourth, the chain relationship chain method The so-called chain relationship chain method refers to the method of finding other customers through the introduction of old customers. It is one of the ways to develop a market efficiently, and it doesn't take much time. Marketers simply ask for other people who might be interested in the product or service after each visit to the customer. The first visit generates 2 customers, the 2 customers bring 4 customers, and the 4 customers generate 8 customers. The endless relationship chain can continue to develop, and the salesperson may eventually establish a potential customer base of his own. . This method is especially suitable for some service industries such as insurance or securities, and the biggest advantage of this method is that it can reduce the blindness in the marketing process. However, when using this method, it is necessary to mention the referrer in order to gain the trust of potential customers and improve the success rate. Fifth, the seminar method The so-called seminar method refers to the use of the form of seminars to tap potential customers. It's also one of the ways more and more companies find potential customers. Because the audience participating in the seminar is basically qualified potential customers. Because those who come to participate must be interested. However, when using the seminar method, the following points should be paid attention to: 1. The choice of location. To maximize attendance, choose a neutral location such as a restaurant, hotel, or university. 2, the choice of time. The time selection should pay attention to the principle of appropriateness, it should not be too long or too short, and two consecutive days are appropriate. Because potential clients who didn't have time on the first day can catch up on the second day. 3. The speeches at the seminar should be of professional level, and should be equipped with a good visual environment and high-quality auditory equipment. 4. The detailed information of the participants shall be recorded. Personal data can be obtained through a short questionnaire. Sixth, the conference search method The so-called conference search method refers to the method that marketers take advantage of the opportunity to attend various conferences, establish contact with other participants, and find potential customers from them. This method is more cost-effective, but you should pay attention to the skills when actually using it. For the time being, you should not mention or euphemistically put forward marketing intentions, so as to avoid the other party's resentment towards you. 

The telephone search method The telephone search method refers to the method by which marketers use the telephone to find potential tenants. It is an important marketing tool. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is fast. However, when using this method, you must pay attention to your conversation skills, and you must be able to arouse the attention of the other party, and then arouse interest, otherwise it will be easy to be attacked. to refusal. And the timing of the call on this occasion has to grasp a certain proportion. Although telemarketing is one of the important ways to reach out to the public, because it works through a non-physical voice, it is difficult to have strong persuasion, so the success rate is lower than that of traditional face-to-face sales. Eight, letter search method The so-called letter search method refers to the direct mailing of letters to find potential customers, which is one of the more effective marketing methods. The use of letter search method should pay attention to: 1. It is best to write letters in a private name, and the most important thing is to find out the names of potential customers. 2. It is best to autograph at the end of the letter to show respect and attention to the other party. 3. Important selling points or information are listed in the "postscript" at the end of the letter, because this is the most frequently read place. 4. Try to persuade customers to take immediate action. Such as discounts or discounts on orders before a certain date, rewards and gifts for the first 100 respondents, guaranteed delivery dates, free trials, and more. The advantage of this method is that it covers a wide area and involves a large number of customers, but due to the low return rate, its cost is relatively high and the waiting time is long. Nine, the data query method The so-called data query method refers to the method of obtaining potential customers by consulting various data. These available materials include newspapers, publications, directories and telephone directories. Newspapers are one of the important clues for mining potential customer information. For example, the opening of a new company provides an opportunity for the sale of office equipment and furniture; birth or marriage provides a possible need for insurance, and so on. The sales leads provided by newspapers are endless, the key is whether the sales staff can dig out the sales opportunities behind the information. Business phone books and directories are another great source of potential customer information. There are also a variety of public information available for inquiries, which can also provide salespeople with certain clues about potential customers. Although this method can obtain information about market capacity and potential customers faster and at a lower cost, it is less time-sensitive. 10. Observation method The so-called observation method refers to the method that marketers use to find potential customers through their own analysis and judgment of the surrounding environment. For example, real estate agents can go out in person to find homes with the word "for sale" hanging on the front door; salespeople who sell ceilings can observe who's ceiling is broken down the street, and so on. At the same time, as a marketer, you should always maintain a certain sensitivity to overheard information, especially in some public places, such as eating, shopping and leisure places. This method has the advantages of low cost, but it has relatively high requirements on the observation ability and analysis and judgment ability of marketers, and requires the judgment to be as objective as possible. In addition to the above ten methods, you can also obtain relevant information from friends and acquaintances and other salespeople who do not have a competitive relationship, and you can also obtain materials through trade shows. In short, finding potential customers is a arduous process, and marketers need to use a combination of the above methods and techniques to achieve ultimate success.

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